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Slideshow is a distinctive way to bring new life to your old photos. Slideshow means a video in which all photos come one by one automatically with some awesome transitions, customized music, titles and tags. Slideshow is an interesting way to view memories of life which we have captured in photos and can share with family and friends.

So if you want to make such slideshows with pictures then you have to download software especially for Mac. There are many software to make slideshow, one of the best software is Movavi  Mac Slideshow Maker. By downloading this software you can create cool-looking movies from pictures.

Every person captures their memorable moments in photos you can use all that memories and make a new brand story with some nice adjustment with the help of the software. The slideshow software helps you to make a slideshow of your favorite photos with music, transitions, theme, text, narrations, title, Pan and zoom, effects, etc within minutes.

For making a slideshow you have to download the software. Then add your favorite photos, any video and even you can add entire folder to the software. Then you can add fades or transitions to the photos to just give it a smooth flow. There are more than 100 transitions to insert between photos. With transitions photos will flow smoothly one after another in the selected format.

You can create a customized slideshows you can add clipart to photos, you can even crop it. You can add text, intro and credit, etc. You can change the contrast and brightness of the picture as per your choice. You can have awesome video by using filters and effects functions, by which you can give nice effect as per your pictures. Even you can add colorful template to the pictures.

Then you can add music according to your mood and even according to the pictures. There are many options for music, you can choose from them or you can add music of your own choice. Then you must set the pictures according the song or music and beat which you have selected, this matches the timing of beat of background music and the slides. This gives a professional look to the slideshow.

After everything is done then you can preview your video and can check if any change is needed or not. And if you think the video is perfectly complete and ready then just export and save it to the computer or in any device which you want and you can save it in any format like MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, and many more.

It has some other features like:

  1. Fix vertical video
  2. Enhance quality
  3. Straighten the horizon
  4. Pan and zoom
  5. Edit audio
  6. Record via microphone

These are some features of Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac. So you can become a professional looking slideshow maker with this software. So just download it and enjoy your memorable moment of your life.

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