Your Ultimate Guide to Oil Industry Jobs in Thailand

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Are you looking for a job in the oil or gas industry, specifically in Thailand? If so, it can be tough to navigate such a massive job market and such a complex industry. Do not worry, though! The following informative, well-researched advice will give you all the information and guidance you need to land a job that’s perfect for you.

Locate the Perfect Recruiter

You have experience in the oil or gas industry and an idea of the specific job that you’re looking for so why not leave the rest to someone more experienced, such as a recruiter who specializes in the oil and gas industries in Thailand? The most highly qualified recruiting company will have a wide range of jobs to choose from throughout Thailand; better yet, they’ll be able to advise you on which jobs fit your specifications the best. Even better, you’ll know that instead of going it alone, you’re backed by a company with experience and professionalism in this specific industry. Therefore, put recruiting services at the top of your list when you begin your job search.

Recruiter Contacts and Clients

You may not realize it but recruiters that can help you find the perfect oil and gas jobs in Thailand have more important contacts and clients than you could ever dream of. This is because it’s in the job description of a recruiting agency to be well connected and have a long list of impressive clients to then help you find your dream job. Job searching through a recruiting agency, especially one that has a long list of important contacts and clients, increases your chances of finding that perfect job.


By choosing to put your job search in the hands of a recruiting company, you not only save yourself time, money, and enormous effort but you put your job search into the hands of professionals who are certified to find you the perfect job. You have to ask yourself what could be better than that? While searching for a recruiter, there are certain certifications that you should keep an eye out for. First is an ISO 9001 certification. A recruiting company that’s been awarded this certification has shown that by international standards, the company’s management system has been tested and is run in a high-quality, highly efficient way. Furthermore, be sure to keep an eye out for companies with a TRACE certification. Essentially, this certification means the company you’ve entrusted your job search to is completely transparent, fair, and just in its practices on an international certification level. Overall, both of these specific certifications will give you huge peace of mind that your job search and your future are in the best of hands.

Looking for a job can seem overwhelming at times and the oil and gas industry in Thailand can oftentimes seem daunting. That being said, use this guide and the above tips to guide you in the right direction. From choosing to go through a recruiting agency to how to select the best one, you’ll have your dream job in no time.

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