Best Jobs Suitable for Money Lovers

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Best Jobs Suitable for Money Lovers

Have you even seen someone hate money? I bet not!

The inescapable truth in the world of business is that companies exits in order to make money. The money is used to reward dedicated employees who devote their talents and time to make the companies superior in the business industry.

Any employee wouldn’t stay productive if the job doesn’t financially compensate them. This is the basic method followed in the business for parties, the company and the employees. In this article we will not talk about the personal desire for personal wealth, we’ll be talking about some jobs which require lots of interaction with cents and dollars.

What are the best job positions which perfectly suits people who love money?

Here are the best jobs which suit money lovers ranked from highest to lowest income:


Economist’s job role is to interrupt these trends and to provide analysis and direction. Economists’ works in many industries, energy industry, and government industry and for any related financial institution. Market Trends emerge and shift faster than ever, thanks to the modern innovations like smartphones and the internet, the economist’s job is now much easier.

  • Master’s or Ph.D. in economics is preferred in most positions.
  • Some entry-level economist jobs only require an economic bachelor’s degree.
  • Economists would make up to 105,000$ per year.
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2.Financial Advisor

The most crucial decisions we make in life are decisions related to money. Sometimes buying a car, a home or even plan for a good retirement plan can be a bit confusing; you need to take the right decision which meets your needs and goals. This is the part where Financial Advisors come in; depending on their experience in helping individuals make reasonable and sound decisions which appreciates and suits their specific circumstances.

  • Financial advisors at least need to have bachelor’s degree in finance and business industry or any related field.
  • Financial Advisors makes up to 100.000$ per year.
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3.Treasury Analyst

There are many methods business is operated through in companies, like business to business – e-commerce, or the traditional brick and stores of mortal. The entire above still needs a healthy supply of cash in order to keep the business operating and working properly. Treasury analyst is responsible in helping companies manage the cash flow, recognize revenue properly, and perform other crucial financial activities in order to make it easier for companies to operate normally and grow.

  • Treasury Analyst job positions requires a Bachelor’s degree in business administration major.
  • Treasury Analysts can earn up to 85,000$ per year.
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Accountants are the most responsible with money. The main role of the accountant’s job is to

Mainly, they work to ensure people and companies comply with tax laws. They prepare tax returns, organize financial records, and give advice on how to reduce costs, increase revenues, and enhance profits.

  • The minimum degree level accountants must hold is a Bachelor’s degree in the field.
  • If the accountant wants to become superior among others, they need to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); it will certainly help them develop rapidly.
  • Accountants usually earns up to 70,000$ per year
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Receiving and returning money is their job role. Cashiers can work for all kinds businesses, companies industries, retail stores, restaurants and everywhere in between. The role includes processing the payments and assuring that the customers are satisfied with the services before checking out.

  • Cashier jobs don’t require any kind of formal education.
  • Cashier jobs usually earns about 21,000$ per year.
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Enjoying what you do as a career and being paid for it? Would it get any better? Make sure you concentrate on choosing a job which fits your requirements and qualifications, besides choosing a career which you truly love. When employees go to work feeling happy and comfortable, it will certainly increase their productivity level, and the same applies if employees go to work feelings frustrated and depressed, would it be the same productivity levels if they really hate their job? A person who loves working with money and numbers owns a high level of emotional intelligent as well as being smart. As we knew back in school days, diligent students were great with numbers. Work in a field which makes you feel comfortable, it allows more productivity flow and high chances of developing success.

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