How to Make Sure Your Printer Security Isn’t Compromised

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When you consider office security, your first thoughts may be to protect your PC against viruses or security breaches.

Office printers are notoften considered a security threat, however, if they are not protected, they can too can create a vulnerable link in your company’s safety.

To help combat this, and ensure that your business is not in danger of losing or sharing any private data through your printer, here are a list of steps you can take to keep your security watertight:

Keep the printer in a visible area

One of the easiestways to keep your printer protected is by changing its placement in your office.

Keeping your printer in view is an incredibly useful technique, especially if it is one that is communally shared in alarge office.

If people are constantly entering and leaving your office, and your devices are tucked away unsupervised, it is possible for a colleague, or visitor to easily get hold of confidential documentation, such as reviews, contracts or pitches.

Position your office printerwhere you, or a trusted co-worker can easily see it, to ensure that this issue doesn’t arise.

Buy from a trusted manufacturer

When purchasing a new printer for your office, the manufacturer that you choose is a large indication of how secure your device will be.

You may originally be tempted by the low prices of third party, non-official printers. However, when you buy trusted models such as HP printers, there arefewer chances of a breach in security.

Along with this, it is incredibly important to read about the model that you are considering indetail, as the highest price tag does not always mean that the security is the best available.

Reading the manual, as well as reviews of the product, will ensure that the device has all the features you are searching for, as well as first hand experiences that they work.

Someall in one printersboastbetter printer security features than most, which is vital as they have more functions which require protection. This is incredibly useful in an office which will be copying as well as printing, as both of these functions will be protected at once.

Use on a stable Wi-Fi network

Even if you have a printer with up-to-date, high quality security measures in place, if your Wi-Ficonnection is unstable, this can also pose a threat to your data.

As a great deal of modern printers rely on their wireless connectivity and data storage features to function, they are almost as prone to attacks as tablets or PCs.

Therefore, to stop any prying or unauthorized access to your documents it is worth double-checking that your office Wi-Fi is password protected, and has other security measures in place.

Clear your data

Leaving important data sitting on your printer can form a goldmine of information for any hackers who may be trying to access it.

To avoid this situation, it is a good idea to set your printer to automatically delete data once it prints, which is a feature which is available on most devices.

However, if you want to be extra vigilant and see for yourself that the data is removed, you can do this manually too.

Keep your device password-protected

One of the easiest functions that can allow you to restrict the number of people using your office printer is to assign the device to only allow certain user accounts on your system, and leave unnecessary accounts off.

By following these simple guidelines, you can easily double the security of your office hardware and keep your important information safe and protected from prying eyes.

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