How can I Connect my Card with my Muchbetter Account

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The world of technologies and electronics, started to change especially in recent years and the influence of humans became more in these spheres. In the continuation of this process, many companies and platforms started to provide different financial and payment services. For sure among customers in different countries, the most important point is about security of the platforms and being easy to use for anyone. However there are some platforms that are targeting special groups of people like gamers or gamblers. In this short article we want to write about Muchbetter, as one of the successful modern payment systems and electronic wallets not just among customers but especially among gamers all around the world.

The Services of Muchbetter

Shortly to say, Muchbetter is offering the safe online atmosphere for send, save and move money quickly and it is also providing users with special bonuses and rewards for every transaction. It also can be like an online wallet for customers especially for gamers, to easily deposit, withdraw and manage their funds with the lowest fees specifically in the gamers world. The security issues always were significant points for Muchbetter, so in this case this platform is protecting accounts information with device pairing, touch ID, dynamic security and transaction review system to be sure about the safety of all customers information. With Much Better mobile app, it is also possible to transfer funds to different accounts without any fees and notify about all rewards and bonuses that are available.

Linking the Card with Muchbetter Account

For more ease of customers and gameres, Muchbetter also provides some simple services that are really useful for everyone and made this brand more popular among people than before. The first idea is about a connection between bank cards to Muchbetter accounts that will allow customers to top up their account easily and in a secure platform without any complication. In this case, users will sign in to their Muchbetter account, tap on the top up part and write the amount that they want to add, then in the next step there are available options for users to fill up their account. In this part, users can choose the Credit or Debit card option that will allow them to link their card with their Muchbetter account and make transactions. The other feature that Muchbetter is providing for gamers, is about the Prepaid Mastercard that it si physical card and will allow users to use all services not just in online format but also in offline; should be noted that in this case customers can withdraw their money by use of ATMs and having a cash.


Definitely, Muchbetter can be counted as one of the best options for customers and especially for gamers to make their transactions and financial management. Also as mentioned, the simple feature about linking the card to account and Prepaid Mastercard, putting this platform among top easy to use and popular brands among customers around the world.

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