Trending Marketing Concepts That Your Company Should Adopt

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Although the basics of marketing have stayed the same over time, the landscape and how it is done, continue to evolve. Technology continues to change how marketing is done and handled, as companies strive to reach out to their target customers and audiences. Marketers also need to keep up with the ever-evolving techniques to remain afloat. Taking up a marketing course with Brighton School of Business and Management can help to keep you on top of your game.  Outlined below are some of the latest marketing concepts you need to familiarise yourself with.

1. Mobile Marketing is Here

Many people have been speculating on the impact of mobile marketing. According to research, more than 60% of internet users today, have mobile phones. This is unlike several years ago when PCs ruled the internet world. With millions of people using mobile devices, now is the time to optimise your strategies for mobile. Focusing on mobile, is what will boost your brand’s visibility and success.

2. Consumer Segmentation

Gone are the days when one would send one promotional email to thousands of people. Today, personalisation and targeting are key to increasing conversions. The only way to achieve this is by keeping demographic information on your target audience and grouping them accordingly to ensure only the target audience get specified promotions.

3. Use Social Media for Sample Distribution

According to a survey conducted by the Product Sampling Council, more than 92% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after they have tried it. This is clear evidence that sampling works. All you need to do, is get the product to the right audience. Using social media to distribute samples is one of the best ways to ensure they get to the right people. For instance, you can use Facebook to send these samples to target audiences and still get valuable data from the sampler as well. The data collected can be used to track future purchases. Consumers can also send and share the samples with friends, which will increase brand awareness while maximising returns on investment.

4. Make Use of Brand Ambassadors

You can also encourage loyal customers and employees to become your brand ambassadors on social media. Although some business owners may be intimidated by this, brand ambassadors are an important marketing asset. The more brand ambassadors you have, the higher the chances of attracting more consumers to your business. The ambassadors will speak for your brand by encouraging people to use your product and make purchases. Hashtags created by these ambassadors go a long way to improving brand awareness on both social media and the internet.

5. Marketing Automation

Gone are the days when only established companies and huge brands could afford technology and software platforms that automate marketing campaigns. Today, such technologies and software are affordable and readily available. Even a start-up company can afford this software allowing them to push advertisements and promotions to multiple channels at once. You can also embrace this strategy to drive conversions and sales.

6. Content Creators

Great content holds the key to attracting and reaching out to the target audience. Every brand needs a team of experienced content creators, developers, writers, speakers, and producers to make it work. The writers, specifically, hold the key to driving the message home. You, therefore, need someone with not only excellent writing skills but someone who understands your market niche very well. The content creators need to be well-versed with the audience to deliver.

7. Exercise Transparency

Although many brands fight transparency, providing accurate information about your product and how it affects the consumer, is one of the best marketing strategies you can adopt. There are dozens of online platforms and mediums that you can use to exercise this.

8. Have Patience with Social Media

Most social media strategies and campaigns won’t start converting immediately with some taking months to work. You also need to ensure followers get the right content, and only what they are interested in, to start seeing results. Social media marketing and engagement is a long-term commitment that requires nurturing and patience.

9. Personalisation

Thanks to modern technology, generalisation is a thing of the past. More and more marketers are embracing personalisation to reach out to target consumers and audiences. It’s advisable to consider restructuring your marketing approach for both regional and local influence.

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