Decorating Your Home From Scratch

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Moving into a new home can be exciting, but it can also be pretty overwhelming, as well! Usually, you have lots of boxes scattered around the place, waiting to be unpacked.  But before you decorate you can put your boxes into storage at a company such as Blue Box Storage, allowing you the space to decorate.

Decorating a new house to make it feel a lot more like home can take plenty of effort but by following a few easy tips you’ll be able to make the change without stressing out. It doesn’t have to be hard – redecorating your new home can be easier than you think!

Tip #1: What’s Your Decorating Style?

Understanding your taste in design styles is a crucial first step towards getting the interior that you want. Generally speaking, you want an inside style that matches up with the outside style of your home, as well.

In other words, rustic wood insides don’t go well with ultra modern sleek outsides, and vice-versa. You want two styles that compliment one another.

Beyond this, you need to make sure that you are working with a decorating style that is something you like. While this will be a highly individual choice, here are four of the most popular choices to help you if you’re not sure where to start.

Transitional Style

This is a combination of traditional and modern styles, which might help to explain both why it is so popular and also why it works with so many different homes. This can work with most architectural home styles and is great for updating old styles while keeping the charm or bringing a warm homey touch to modern styles that might otherwise seem cold and distant.

Think dark wood, stone, neutral colours, dark earthy greens and reds, or other popular accent colours. Outstanding option for most people.

The Modern Style

The modern style of decorating really puts a focus on wood, earth tones, and has a reputation for feeling cleaner because of a focus on straight line setup. These are very popular with ranch homes or Art-Deco homes. A nice couch, beautiful focus, and clean setup makes it a winner.

Classic Contemporary Style

Among all the different design styles out there, classic is the sparsest and really embraces minimalist motifs. There are a few pieces in each room, but not many, drawing focus to the few areas of possessions you really want to highlight.

Generally, colours are mixed with black, white, or various greys with a bit of accent. Metal and glass triumph over the use of wood. This is a very popular option for very recently built homes as well as smaller spaces. Also, a winner if the home has big windows or interesting architectural structure you want to highlight.

The Farmhouse Style

This is a cosy fun style of interior decorating that has made a comeback because it is a bit different, embraces the country farm look, and can be practical, pretty, and adds a touch of whimsy especially when decorating an urban space.

Think big but practical. A large cosy sofa, simple wood tables easy to move or shift, while the interior decoration and colors should feature an older feel – maybe even antique store.

Tip #2: Go Room By Room

What rooms are the most important to you? Which are less so? Start with the most important rooms and plan them out that way if you run a bit short on decorations it doesn’t affect the most important parts of the house.

Going one room at a time will also prevent you from become overwhelmed since you can break down the redecorating to more manageable sections of work.

Also, don’t assume every room has to match. If you love an old farmhouse but prefer a modern or transitional bedroom, go for it! This is your home, after all!

Tip #3: Think Big, Start Big

Usually, the biggest piece of furniture in the room will be the hardest to work around, as well as the most important to overall design. So start with that and work your way around it from there. Dining room table for the dining room, couch for the living room, bed for the bedroom, etc.

Tip #4: Paint Is Good

You would be amazed how much a single coat of new paint in a new colour can really change or outright transform the interior. If in doubt, try a bit of paint in a different colour – it may turn out to be all you needed!

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