The Marketing Value of Stickers

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Marketing is one of the most important business functions because it can help to promote your business’s products or services. Furthermore, some of the most underused tools when you are trying to market your particular products or services are labels and stickers. Indeed, many companies believe that due to the emergence of the digital age, stickers or labels can look cheap or tacky while they could potentially devalue your company’s brand. However, if you choose a company which specialises in high-quality stickers, then your marketing department can feel confident that your brand will not suffer by using this particular promotional tool. One of the major benefits of using stickers as a promotional tool is that they can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes while they are also suitable for numerous different jobs, including name badges, product labels or window stickers. Indeed, with so many different uses for labels and stickers, they can play an important role in adding extra value to your company’s brands.

Flexible use

As previously noted one of the main benefits of using stickers and labels as promotional tools is that they can be created in a number of different sizes or shapes, while they can also be used with other different marketing tools. In addition, they can be used for specific promotions while the first main benefit of using high quality stickers to promote your products is that they can be used on a number of different surfaces including windows or vehicle bumpers, while printed brochures, flyers and leaflets can also be stuck in places where they will convey the marketing message to your customers.

Gives clear information

Furthermore, labels and stickers can be used in the business environment to create extra information from your customers. In addition, stickers can be used in special promotions to highlight discounts or to advertise other special offers. Indeed, discounted prices, new services or important product details as well as contact information can be included on a sticker to make them clearly visible for all potential customers. Furthermore, using a bright colour on your stickers and labels can make them stand out, especially against other products from your competitors.


Another significant benefit of using stickers and labels to market your product is that they can be used to create a unique message for your business while you can also use creative sticker placing to have an impact on your customers. Indeed, if you are using stickers as a promotional tool, then you should consider their location to make sure you grab the reader’s attention. If you are looking to make stickers and labels for your business then contact Dial a Label for advice as soon as possible.

Easily distributed

Finally, stickers and labels are a great marketing tool, as they can be easily taken on the road to exhibitions or promotional events while stickers can also be given away freely along with promotional literature at such events. Indeed, stickers have proven to be as powerful as flyers or business cards because they allow your company to create a unique message for a specific audience.

If you are looking to create a marketing campaign for your products and services, then you should consider incorporating the use of stickers and labels to convey your message to the customers.

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