How to Leverage Advantages of Breaking News

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Are you looking for tried and tested ways of gaining media coverage with a purpose of capturing attention in your marketplace? One of the best ways of going about the act is related to finding  a connection between a breaking news story and the products or services sold by you. All that you have to do is keep your ears and eyes upon for all exciting breaking news, find relevant connections, and go for the kill without wasting any time. Remember, the news used by you as a hook needs to be front-page stuff and/ or anything else that’s much more obscure. You need to take a look at the geographical reach of the story as well , whether it is national, local or international.

Say, you are a keen observer of breaking news South Africa. As a plumbing agent, you get to learn online that the cost of copper, which was rocketing sky-high in the year gone by, has plummeted suddenly. The connection that you can form in haste is that homeowners would be able to grab an opportunity for undertaking kitchen or bathroom renovations at reduced costs because the overall cost of obtaining copper pipes would reduce considerably.

In breaking news, if you happen to know about a natural calamity that occurs halfway across the world, thereby killing thousands, especially in a city that is believed to be at low risk for such calamities, you can make a valid connection as an insurance company owner. Herein, you may look forward to getting an opening for offering advice to the locales in your region about taking up insurance for adequate coverage for similar natural calamities.

Or, just in case the young daughter of a celebrity goes missing, or gets kidnapped and is  returned after a proper ransom has been paid,  you get the opportunity to push the bracelets sold by you; and why not? After all, they secretly function as reliable location devices. Your point would be, had the celeb’s daughter been using one such bracelet, the cops would have located her faster and without any ensuing fuss.

Got the idea?

As a business owner, you need to keep track of all breaking news to reach out to your target audience, wherever they may be located on the globe. You may tie up these third party situations to your marketing, promotional and advertising efforts for getting quick returns. It is a good idea to aim for regional and national news stories first ; as that is exactly where a chunk of your clientele (probably) resides.

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