Heather Weber on the Importance of Planning Retirement Right from a Very Young Age?

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The rights of women and the perks and grants they are eligible for has always been a matter of great debate and discussion and this continue even in the modern world where rights of women have been recognized in all spheres. Women are now eligible to get equal pays as men and are also eligible to get more leaves in times of pregnancy and such conditions.

So, now that women are getting equal rights in all spheres and managing their finances on their own, they also need to be more aware about their retirement plans and savings as even in old age they need to be as independent as they may have been as young professionals. So, if you are a working woman and haven’t yet started saving up for the future, here’s why you should start now:

The basic necessities of daily living for a woman are more than men: Women, the fairer sex, have an inherent need to look presentable under all circumstances and that is primarily the reason why their needs are more than that of men. No woman would like to say that just because she is retired, she cannot dress well or put up her regular make up. So, a woman needs to save up for her future more meticulously than men if they want to maintain the same lifestyle that they have always had as young professionals.

Women need to deal with some obvious health issues: After a certain age, because of menopause 90% women suffer from complexities in the uterus as well as bones. These health issues can have a major impact on the overall health of a woman and that is why it is important for them to save up to get proper medical treatment when such issues arise.

Women tend to spend more towards charity and other philanthropic activities: Women are compassionate by nature and no matter what age they are in, they always have the inherent desire to help others in need and for that reason too they need to have enough resources even when they are not working.

Women have a heightened sense of self-esteem: No woman, especially those in the post-retirement age likes to depend on others. They not only fear but despise the humiliation that the dependant elderly are often subjected to. This is primarily the reason why every woman needs to do adequate retirement planning and lead a safe and secure retired life.

Heather Weber who specializes in retirement planning and closely works with women of all age groups highly emphasize on this aspect of financial planning. Since, along with being a certified financial advisor, Ms. Weber is also a fitness consultant and part owner for Shapes Fitness For Women, she gets to work closely with women and instil in them awareness about maintaining a fit body as well as healthy bank account.

Heather Weber is a certified financial advisor with over 19 years of experience and 3 certifications in the related domain. She has been a social influencer and has changed the lives of many women by giving them the right financial advice in every phase of adult life.


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