What Are The Three Main Pillars Of Leadership Coaching

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There are three main pillars of leadership coaching that you are going to experience when you go to a course which focuses on mountain-based training activities.

The three pillars are experiential learning, measurement and accountability. Your training is going to be broken down into stages which focus on these three pillars.

Measurement: Pre-Mountain

The measurement phase takes place during the Everest Academy leadership development programme before you have actually set foot on the mountain. This is going to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. This stage is going to get an insight into your current level of leadership ability.

Diagnostics are going to highlight the areas that will need development before you go onto the mountain. This stage is also going to tell you what to expect once you are climbing on the mountain itself.

Once the measurement phase has been completed, it is time to move onto the next step of the process.

Experiential Learning: On The Mountain

It is important that you get some hands-on learning experience so that you can test your leadership skills and look for areas where you are going to need to improve. The experiential learning is going to test every aspect of being a leader. This includes your resilience to overcome adversity. It also tests your courage to face up to certain situations. You will also need to exercise humility in order for other people to make suggestions about what needs to be done.

Accountability: After The Mountain

Every leader needs to have some level of accountability. Your performance on the mountain is going to be assessed down to the smallest detail. The positives are going to be fully-highlighted as well as the negatives.

This is going to show you the areas you need to improve on when you are a leader at work. You can use this constructive criticism as guidelines about how you will develop or change your existing leadership style. Some people are going to have to make small alterations whilst other people will need to change several aspects of their leadership style.

You can put everything that you have learnt into practice. Then you are going to be able to test out new methods. You will improve as a result of having been a leader in a hostile environment.

Taking Similar Courses

You might feel that one mountain expedition is not enough and you need to go on another one. You can pick a different course and test all of the leadership skills that you have acquired over the years. This experience is going to help you to improve even more.


You might not have considered a mountaintop or wilderness leadership course before, but this is going to test you in a number of different ways. You will be assessed before you step onto the mountain. Once you are leading an expedition on the mountain, you are going to be monitored. The overall feedback is going to be given to you when you step off the mountain.

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