Do You Need to Hold a Seminar or Tech-Based Trade Exhibition?

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If you market tech products and services, you need to find a site outside your company where you can display your wares and promote your product. You need a site that is built and designed exclusively for tech offerings.

Therefore, the event space in Bangkok that you choose should be designed to help you promote electronics to the best advantage. Not only should you be able to use the space to conduct seminars but it should be designed to feature tradeshow types of tech events. For instance, maybe you are displaying products behind a booth. If so, you want to make sure that your exhibit stands out.

How Gamification Can Draw Interest to Your Company

If you hold a seminar or trade show in a tech park, you can demonstrate how gamification can draw interest in your product. Participants can win virtual prizes and even interact with the virtual wall themselves.

Operate a full digital game with all the bells, buzzers, and whistles. Keep track of game activities through digital scorekeeping. By offering prize money to the winners, you can draw a large following around your booth or Bangkok event location in no time at all.

Have Guests Try Out a Giant Smartphone

You might also invite guests in Bangkok to try out a giant smartphone; this is one unique way to get people to become engaged with your product line in Bangkok. When you create an interactive experience, you will gain more leads and eventually more customers. You can only do this well if you book the space in a building that is designed for tech use and tech product displays.

Set up a Video Wall

In fact, get rid of the boring factor in a trade display by using a video wall. A video wall not only captures the eye but it permits the user to show off a seamless picture or several images across several panels. The brilliance emitted by a video wall, including its size, makes it a lot more impressive to guests than when a regular-sized monitor is used. Even if the monitor is large, it usually looks small when compared to a video wall.

Hold a Discussion Via Social Media

You can also use a tech site to promote a social media conversation. Events in a tech location give you the chance to interact with the people you engage with on social media in person. Therefore, you can connect with them in person and online easily. If you want to stay in touch after the show, it is easy to do so. A strong social media presence will help people remember your event long after it is over.

You can even set up a social media wall and direct a social media discussion about your tech product or service. By setting up the wall in a tech-oriented facility, you can generate a good deal of customer interest.

One of the popular features at tech events is sharing a VR (virtual reality) experience. Just as with the video wall and giant smartphone, this type of activity draws customer interest. Use this fully immersive experience to get your customers in Bangkok to remember you.

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