What is Online Reputation Management Software?

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In the not-distant past, we lived in what was, appropriately called, the information age, but that age has now changed into the age of the world of internet information that is composed of valuable true information along with misinformation intended to entertain and even disinformation whose motive is to deceive the public.

This new age can be scary. It also affects all members of society. Let’s say a noisy neighbor or a business competitor seeks to send damaging, misinformation or disinformation about you, your business or a member of your family. This will negatively affect your business and you in a very powerful manner. The danger to business and personal reputations are real. Consumers seeking goods or services are now relying on internet reviews like Emily’s List that serve the purpose of recommending businesses or leaving negative comments that can do damage to any business.

But there is hope for both businesses and individuals and family members. Online Reputation Services can combat negative reviews, feedback, and comments. These services use machine learning techniques and online reputation management software to automatically sort through negative and positive reviews and put an emphasis on the good and give the business a chance to correct any negative feedback. This is very much like the Uber review or the reviews on eBay where any review below five stars is seen by the Uber driver or the eBay seller as negative. Such a fawning approach to customers recommendations stands in the way of effective customer service. But instead, other businesses take valuable customer service to the next level. As an example, there was one Uber driver who offered a variety of compact cosmetics and travel supplies along with candy, mints, and gum to the rider. This Uber operator was an innovative and creative business person and no one in their right mind would give him or her a sub stellar rating.

But businesses must face the reality that there is a small percentage of people who are hard if not impossible to please and often the best customer service fails to satisfy this particular customer. This kind of customer is best shown out the door because they will do everything in their power to berate and belittle a business that they find lacking. It may be the greatest challenge to any salesperson or executive in having to deal with this type of customer. A further unpleasant customer is the grumpy old man who has a jaded view of how things should be done. This variant of the customer you can not please is a true nightmare for any business because the grumpy old man is a true complainer and the more people that hear his complaints the better. Any negative customer complaint can deal a fatal blow to new or established businesses. In all cases, the need for reputation management is vital for business growth. Succeeding in any business venture is hard enough without the complaints of these misguided customers.

Any reputation management service can help a business owner reach business success. these services use machine learning and AI to custom tailor a plan to any individual business. Once an online reputation management service gets involved with a business or an individual they develop a software program that is modeled on that individual or business and closely follow that business’ or individual’s directives and goals. It is almost spooky but don’t worry get on board with a reputation management service and be successful in business and in life.

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