Characteristics of the recommended profile who studies Diploma of Building and Construction:

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studies Diploma of Building and Construction

The Diploma in construction field aims to train professionals capable of intervening in all civil construction processes, such as planning and design, energy efficiency, construction quality, construction safety, asset management, or building demolition.

In the Diploma of Building and Construction, professionals must acquire the necessary competencies and skills to adapt quickly and make efficient decisions in the field of construction and building. Also, they must be kept updated on the latest advances in the sector, especially those related to the environment and comprehensive project management.

Recommended profile:

In this section, you will find some of the characteristics of the recommended profile for people who take these studies.

To identify your abilities and interests, we recommend taking our orientation test, which will help you better understand how you are to explore training paths and professions that respond to your preferences and in which you can get the most out of your profile.

– Analysis and problem solving

– Planification and organization

– Adaptability

– Autonomy

– Initiative

– Decision making

– Stress tolerance

– Integrity


– Know the technologies available to plan and manage civil infrastructures and buildings efficiently.

– Know the different models of resource management and strategic direction in the building sector.

– Control the quality and safety of buildings and constructions from the construction process and during their life cycle.

– Integrate technical and economic knowledge to efficiently manage construction and building procedures.

– Direct companies specialized in building, construction and civil engineering

Professional fields:

Here are some guidelines for job placement opportunities that you can apply for if you acquire a degree of the Diploma of Building and Construction.

Recommended personality aspects:

– Constancy

– Patience

– Creativity

– Efficiency

– Discipline

– Firmness

– Security

– Self-control

– Responsibility

Professional outings:

Once you have completed this Diploma of Building and Construction, you will be able to work in companies that are dedicated to building and civil construction, assuming leadership and project management positions.

Functions and activities:

– Conduct audits of construction processes with special attention to safety, quality, and the environment.

– Verify that the construction site meets all quality and safety regulations.

– Carry out real estate appraisals and appraisals.

– Efficiently manage all the procedures of the building process.

– Energy management of buildings to improve their efficiency.

– Estimate and value the environmental risks derived from the construction process.

– Manage companies that are dedicated to building, coordinating all the procedures involved.

– Apply the use of new technologies to the management of buildings.

– Apply innovative construction procedures that help optimize construction processes.

– Ensure the quality and safety of the constructions carried out.

– Manage the maintenance of buildings considered heritage.

– Carry out exhaustive analyses to determine the life cycle of each building.

Although the number of newly constructed buildings has decreased, the number of renovation, rehabilitation, and fitting-out activities has increased, requiring professionals with comprehensive and Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction on the management of all the necessary procedures.

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