Best Video Editing Apps to Compile Unique Videos

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You might have not noticed, but videos are everywhere. The moment you are recording videos for YouTube or even for your individual or business use video editing tools would be of considerable help. Hub spot reveals an interesting trend that 70% of their sales business enhances by incorporating video content. Nearly 85% of the customers rely on videos in order to be making their sales decision. Business needs to be focussing on their brand reputation and at the same time increasing the sales.

A host of video editing applications have become popular, as far as editing evolves but they serve a concrete purpose as far as developing a longer form of content. On the other side of the coin for an individual who wants to edit, share videos then video editing tools could be a worthy option. 9Apps install is a one-stop solution for your needs. Within a short span of time, they have climbed up the popularity charts.

Let us now flip through the list of popular video editing apps that is not only going to save your time, but also help you to cut down on money spent on the expensive desktop apps.

Apple clip

This was launched by Apple in the year 2017, and became a household name to reckon. The users are allowed to share entertaining videos by text or through a series of other effects. To the video clips users can even go on to add music and this can be from the inbuilt ones in the device itself.

A notable feature of this app is Live Tiles that helps in transcribing automatic video or audio clips that are present on the screen. You do also have the option of editing the Live Tiles in ensuring that the text is free from errors.

It is fast and easy to use though you would locate it on the IOS platform

Adobe premiere clip

Not only this ceases to be a standalone video editing app but a connection is established with Adobe Premier pro product that is another worthy feature. There are a couple of editing modes that it offers. First one is freeform where you gain control over the entire process of editing and then automatic editing, where the app goes on to trim the video clips that adds a new dimension to the process of editing.

The major drawback is that you are not able to rotate the clips


This app would enable you to shoot through a burst of videos; this is fun and easy to use preventing the Instagram account for becoming stale. In order to use this app, the users do not have to open an account. Just you need to shoot; edit videos and this can be shared on to your mobile phones.

With the help of this app fun and engaging videos can be created that would help to keep the users engaged. In order to formulate a video you would just need to tap the circle.

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