What are the small business apps recommendable for daily usage

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There are certain apps that I use every single day. In fact. I’m not sure how I ever got by without them! Here are the ones on my phone that I go to every single day of my working life –


Managing tasks in a team has always been a bit of a logistical problem. Communicating with many people, finding out separate bits of information and disjointed processes all contribute to a bit of a mess at times. And doing this face to face over and over again isn’t a very effective use of your time. So, Trello is a game-changer. It brings all of your tasks under one roof, let’s you decide who is involved and manage the communication through it as well.


G Suite is something that you will dip into several times per day. It has all the different functions of Google, all in one handy app. It makes online collaboration something you can do wherever you are, online or offline. Also, access all your docs through the Drive whenever you need them.

SINC Free Employee Time Clock

Managing the productivity of your team is really important. It puts you in control of your business and makes your payroll run like clockwork. SINC gives you this power. Your team can clock in and out on their phone, you can see what is happening and then run reports to take the pain out of payroll. The time and money spent on producing payroll is an admin cost that many businesses want to cut. SINC helps that to happen.


Managing your contact list elegantly is a work of art. There are people to contact, leads to chase and conversations to follow up. Leaving this to a paper system can lead to missed opportunities and errors. Zoho CRM is something you will use every single day as you manage these contacts and develop your business. It adds real power to what you do.

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