This Travel Insurer In Singapore Helped Me Pack For My First Trip!

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Packing for a trip is definitely one of the most exciting yet uneasy moments of preparation. It develops the tingling feeling inside because you start to imagine your whole trip before it happens with the clothes you’re trying to pair at the same time feel a little bit anxious because you might be missing out a thing.

It’s my first trip ever as a young professionalbut unlike others, I value my safety as I stroll around the nation and across the world. That’s why I searched immediately if there’s a list of the cheapest travel insurances in Singapore since that’s all I can afford for now.

At first, it was a tough screening because for all we know, insurances, specifically, travel insurances, demands a high amount of penny in Singapore. But luckily, I came across HLAs. They offered me an annual travel insurance for a very cheap price (compared to other insurers) and explained very careful its nature and the benefits I can get in this deal.

Some of the benefits enlisted is the coverage of the travel insurance. For me, this is the biggest advantage there is. Instead of purchasing a travel policy every time I leave the country (because I know after this trip, I might run out of VLs just to travel), this insurance covers me without no hassle. Plus, most of the benefits levels reset every trip abroad for as long as the prescribed single-trip time limit is returned. But would you believe that I only pay once a year for these? Exciting, isn’t it?

Not only HLAs promised me a safe travel outside my comfort zone through their cheapest travel insurance but also enlightened a first timer like me on what to bring with me as I take on greater heights.

If you’re a beginner or veteran traveler but still get anxious when packing hits, you may want to check this list with me.

  • Agenda. Before even booking a plane ticket, I started to plan out the spots and activities I want to do in my trip. I created an itinerary beforehand, learned the road and how to explore it by commuting, and bought the train card or ferry ticket. We don’t want to end up riding a cab every time because we don’t know how to go back to the hotel.

  • Passport. Whether or not you’re travelling just around the borders of Singapore, this one should never be forgotten in packing. Of course, I made sure that the validity of my passport is at least six months since I am going outside the country and required by the law.

  • Money. If possible, all money, travel documents and credit cards are placed in one place. This will prevent my heart from fainting when I need to get from one place to another.

  • Luggage. A lightweight but big luggage is recommended by avid travelers. I allocated different organizers for my toiletries and other personal items. Although I want to explore the world looking good, I take note that my clothes not weigh so much to give way to the souvenirs I’d be taking home.

  • Travel Insurance. Better be safe than sorry, right? This one’s a must in the luggage and really enabled me to get excited even more without having the fear of unexpected scenarios because I know I am protected.

  • Gadgets. Whether it’s a mirror less camera or your smart phone, exploration and experience can be filmed. I made sure to not forget to my music devices alongside with a charger or a power bank to keep you entertained while you’re on the go and would be able to energize my draining battery when I need to navigate the road.

HLAs gave me a new sight on what to expect in packing and became a venue to experience the world in a different level. More than giving protection to their customers through their cheapest travel insurance, they make sure to cater their other needs through blog articles. Check them out!

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