How To Encourage An Eco-Friendly Workplace

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Eco-Friendly Workplace

Lead By Example With Green Policies and Initiatives

Is your company doing enough to create a sustainable work environment for your staff and customers?

UK companies are forging ahead with their sustainability programs in a bid to meet environmental targets as well as attracting the brightest young millennial candidates for whom corporate social responsibility is a top priority. The good news for organisations who do commit to a more environmental approach to doing business is that 71% of surveyed companies discovered that they were able to reduce costs when carrying out green improvements in the workplace. If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits to eco-friendliness, here are some ways to do so.

Set A Great Example

If you show your employees and customers that you’re dedicated to green business, then it will be easier for them to have the same passion and motivation to help you meet your goals. One way to demonstrate that you’re an environmentally friendly organisation is to become accredited with the ISO 14001 certification. Companies that meet the strict ISO 14001 requirements are able to gain access to a greater network of B2B contacts and will also benefit from saving money, reducing waste streams and creating small energy bills.

Paperless Meetings

A sustainability strategist at Adobe estimates that 90% of all office waste can be attributed to making revisions or corrections on printed documents. If your organisation is in the habit of printing off multiple copies of documents before you attend a meeting, consider instead the ease at which you can make savings by storing shared digital files on your laptop or smart devices. With excellent advancements in collaborative software, there’s no reason why it should be difficult to go paperless in your office.

Green Commuting

Employees can reduce their own carbon footprint by choosing alternative methods to get to work. Instead of driving their cars, they should be encouraged to walk, cycle or take public transport to reach the office. Employers can enrol in a Cycle2Work scheme to allow employees to hire bicycles and other safety equipment through the program, which could help them to save up to 32% when used primarily for commuting. Employers can also set up a means for staff members to connect with each other to arrange carpooling which has further money-saving benefits for workers, whilst being an excellent choice for the environment.

Reduce Utility Bills

A major cause of waste in the office environment is the result of lights, electrical items and heating units being left on overnight or at the weekends. Employers can reduce their utility bills significantly by switching to eco-friendly appliances and using dimmer switches and standby functions for electrical devices. Ideally, employees should be encouraged to switch off their electrical equipment entirely before they exit the workplace, and this best practice can be communicated by setting out a clear policy in the staff handbook so that everyone is aware of the expectations. Employers can also create a sustainability team to monitor the usage of power in the office and make adjustments as needed. Choosing green energy plans is also an important step towards becoming an eco-friendlier workplace.

Are you ready to commit to creating sustainable changes in your work environment? Some of the most effective strategies require just a small amount of effort, so begin taking positive steps today.

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