Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method used by marketing agencies to improve the visibility of a particular website in order to attract more and more visitors. And the goal is met through content optimization, link landscape and by making the website more search engine friendly. SEO can also differ with respect to type of search, internet users search for different types of material on search engines like content, images, videos or GIFs.

Create a significant presence within Social media

Social media world is vast and huge, it has a reachability beyond imagination and covers all of the globe from north to south and east to west. And almost every individual uses two to three social networks for various purposes, some use it for building new relations, some to stay connected with friends and acquaintances, some for buying and selling, some to advertise and some to stay updated with on goings in different regions. B2Bs on the other hand can use social media to create a strong presence and support SEO. And companies those who still ignore social media are honestly missing a big shot because it is free, has a tremendous reachability and helps in generating traffic better than anything else.

And building a strong presence in social media is not everyone’s cup of coffee as it required efforts, time and intelligence all together. You need an expert of the subject to make your brand shine within social media networks.

Here are few tips which will help you in creating a strong presence in social media for your company.

  • Identify your goals – Before making a kick start identify your goals and objectives. Make sure to understand where you stand and where you want to reach? Understand how each social media platform works and list different goals to be achieved with different platforms.
  • Identify relevant audience for your business – Make sure to make clear whom you want to target through social media as there are billions of people on social media on different platforms like twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and various other. Without identifying your audience all your efforts and time will go simply in vain.
  • Make use of automation in correct manner – Automation is a boon for B2Bs and especially for Search Engine Optimisation professionals. But automation needs a special attention as it can turn to bane within no time. While running campaigns on social media a person needs to take care of automation and has to understand the need of the situation. One common mistake witnessed within B2B social media arena is automation playing its role during human interactions. It should be avoided as customers want to interact with your brand and not with an automation tool.
  • Go Visual – Visuals and social media platforms perform extremely well when brought together. Images, videos, infographics and various other forms of media do need special grooming and consume time while composing but all of your efforts pay off. Therefore, in order to bend it like David Beckham in the social media world for your B2B company you should make the most from visuals like team photos, images of customers, BTS images, event pictures and infographics.
  • Optimize your social media accounts – Using keywords within your social media posts can help you to optimize your social media accounts. Use more of keywords related to your business. This practice is most effective when it comes to support SEO.

A single good or bad day doesn’t define your life and same way having a good or bad social media campaign will not decide your overall success in building a strong presence for your company. It will probably take time but it will happen for sure. So be patient and use social media ethically and safely with logical strategy in mind.

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