Content Marketing Tips from the Freshmail Blog

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If you are a current subscriber to the Freshmail email marketing service then their blog is a great place to find the latest information about email marketing, content marketing, social marketing and other online marketing channells. The blog is also used by Freshmail as a place to announce new features, new design templates and other tips and tricks pertaining to their services.

In a recent post on the email marketing blog Freshmail announced a new feature that allows you to create responsive emails(based on newsletter templates) increasing compatibility across all email clients. This feature was announced first on Freshmail’s blog and proves that staying tuned to the blog keeps you up to date with everything to do with the email marketing service.

Even if you are not an existing subscriber to the services offered by Freshmail the blog is still a great place to frequent because of the other useful information posted there. Freshmail regularly posts industry news as well as general tips and tricks relating to internet marketing.

In another recent post on the Freshmail blog there was a piece about how to increase site traffic with great content. This blog post is relevant to anyone who is into online marketing. In addition this post is actually relevant to anyone that owns a website. Learning about how to write great content is something that all webmasters could benefit from. The thing that people often forget about online marketing is how often things change – just because you learned something last year about content writing it doesn’t mean that information is totally relevant today. With marketing in general and particularly with SEO the game is always changing. This is why reading up on blog posts from industry experts and well known experts is hugely beneficial.

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