Choosing the Best Displays for Digital Advertising

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One of the best ways for businesses to advertise their products and services is by using digital ads. Digital ads have a lot of advantages over their traditional paper counterparts, such as the ease of deployment of new advertisements. There’s also the fact that you can use TV monitors to advertise for other companies as well if you sell some of the broadcast time.

Digital displays are no doubt, one of the greatest advances in technology that the advertising industry can use. But with all the TVs and monitors that are available on the market today, it is hard to choose which display you need. Is bigger always better? How and where are you going to put them on display and what TV wall mount should you use? Choosing which display to use looks easy at first but when you try it you’ll find that it’s just like any difficult business decisions. With that in mind here are a few quick tips for making that important decision:

Where should the display be placed?

Understanding where you’ll be placing the display is the first step. You’ll need enough space for your displays. It should usually be out of reach by people or located in an area where the display can be safely used without worrying that someone might steal it or might cause any accidents. Some establishments position the displays outside their shops while others place them behind glass windows for safety and ease of access. Some use wall mounts or mounts suspended from the ceiling to create places where they can put the displays. Some use a TV display stand when a usable wall or ceiling is unavailable.

How big is the display?

Another key factor is how big you plan your display to be. This is usually affected by other parameters such as how much you’re willing to pay for electricity while the display is on and how big your available space is. You don’t really have to buy 9 panels and create one big display. Usually, several displays around your establishment looping advertisements would be enough.

You can use small displays for sections of your shop where small products are sold, for example, and medium-sized displays placed in the entrance or behind the counter. They all use strong mounts to keep them securely where they are and prevent accidents where they might fall on passers-by and customers.


What mounts should you use?

There are many mounts you can use, from display stands to wall and ceiling mounts. This depends on where you plan to put your displays for maximum view. For example, if you’re allowed to drill into the walls outside your establishment you can use a wall mount. Inside the shop, you can use wall mounts or ones that are suspended from the ceiling. If you’re not allowed to drill holes (which is rare), use display stands of appropriate height.

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