Why Would You Need To Use An IP Address In Another Country?

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There are many reasons people want to access information in countries abroad. However, sometimes there are geo-restrictions or the website that you are given when entering the URL is customized to your country and language.

In many cases, you will only get your country’s version of that website no matter how much you try to get a different county’s version. This is why people look for software and solutions in order to ger around geo-restrictions or geo-targeted website results.

Accessing Websites For Data

There is a lot of writers that are hired on freelance platforms that work in locations where they can charge cheaper or more competitive rates for than work compared to local writing businesses. They usually need to access websites in the USA, Canada, or the UK for example.

These are all English speaking websites, but many e-commerce sites will give the person a local version of that site. For example, an English writer in Thailand will get the Thai version of GoDaddy, eBay, and so on.

They will need to access sites in other countries in order to research them and write articles according to the country the article going to be targeted.

Accessing Websites For Market Research

Getting local market research results for online marketers is extremely important. Therefore if a marketer is working in Bulgaria, but the customer is in Korea, then the search results or traffic stats need to be specific to Korea. So a search for 프라이버시 보호 in Bulgaria would not produce the same results as it would have the marketer used an IP address in Korea.

In fact, the search term is likely going to produce search results for Koreans with blogs and websites targeting Koreans in Bulgaria first, then the next results will be search results for Korean blogs hosted in Europe. Vital information about the search term actually in Korea would be missed.

You are probably wondering why we are using this as an example and is because we recently had such a project in the USA.

The idea was to find search results that Koreans looked for while in the US and then look at the search results in Korea and see how we could bring a more authentic Korean shopping experience for products and food to a Korean target market with the state we operate. Then the idea as to translate this into English. One of those products happened to be VPN software so Koreans could access TV channels and other more authentic Korean websites rather than the ones created by non-Koreans in the US to target a large and untapped Korean market.

Try searching 개인 정보 보호 하는 방법, then click on the hyperlink and see if you can see the same result from your location. The chances are you won’t because we have been targeting another URL called Kisa for Koreans.

Accessing Movie Sites Abroad

There are many reasons someone would want to access a movie site aborad. It could be because the person wants to learn another language, or could be they just want to watch movies in their native tongue. The website in their home country will show movies and series that may not be in the local version of the website in the country the person is currently in.

We have basically provided you with 3 main reasons why someone would want to use an IP address in another country. They are all valid, and we also went into some detail about a marketing project of our own. There are also an array of other reasons people would need an IP address in another country such as to get into financial accounts such as PayPal, log onto a geo-restricted website and so on.

So we hope this article was as interesting for as it was for us to write it because we felt that sharing this information may be useful for some of you out there that were wondering about why people use IP addresses from another country outside of the one they are currently situated. Now you may even have a good reason to use an alternative IP address!

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