Sales Automation Software: Mast-have Features

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They say that information rules the world. This statement particularly resonates with forward-thinking companies who realize the value of having a bird’s-eye view on their potential and existing customers. In today’s ever-fluctuating business environment, the companies who have a comprehensive understanding of who their target audience is and have a detailed insight into the effectiveness of their sales activities are the ones who succeed. Luckily, technological progress can help your company add value to the customer service, which, in turn, can help your sales representatives close more deals and increase your company’s revenue. That is why, the deployment of a powerful sales automation software, like, is extremely popular for companies of any scale – from tiny startups to huge enterprises. Once you have adopted a suitable automation solution, you can have a total control of an entire sales cycle.

However, it is worth noticing that the market of sales automation software is obviously oversaturated. Countless software vendors provide automation solutions that are equipped with somewhat CRM tools. Before settling on a certain sales automation system, you need to define your business objectives and have a clear vision of must-have features your automation software needs to be equipped with:

Contact Management

Recent studies suggest that 50% of sales representative’s time is lost to unproductive prospecting. When your salespeople are prospecting, they have to target a specific type of customer. In order to do so, your sales team needs to have a clear understanding of who their perfect customer is and generate leads based on that profile. Advanced sales automation systems creates a 360-degree overview on each of your potential and existing customers. Obviously, having basic contact details is not enough, The system aggregates various customer related data like their location, industry, business size and career history. Add website behavior tracking and pre-built social media tool that extract additional information from social networks and you will have a detailed profile on each of your contacts.

Mobile Sales Automation Software

The need to access critical customer information at any given time and location from different gadgets is the reason why mobile automation systems became popular. Generally, your salespeople are spending a huge chunk of their time out of the office, having meetings and negotiating with potential buyers. Did you know that 64% of sales reps are preparing for a meeting in a car, 58% prepare in a plane while 52% prepare for a meeting in a coffee shop. In fact, 27% of reps confessed that they prepare for a meeting in a bathroom. Mobile sales automation can come in handy, as your sales professionals can get required customer information, relevant statistics or a presentation using their smartphone or a tablet. Moreover, mobile app works offline too and the data will instantly synchronize as soon as your rep gets back online.

Detailed Analytics

The importance of opportunity management, contact management and document flow automation cannot be underestimated. However, analytics is one of the most important tools that make it an absolutely indispensable for any sales team. Your sales reps can leverage excellent analytics tools to forecast future sales and evaluate the efficiency of your team. The systems utilizes various indicators to scan all available information to make a sensible prediction of what might come next. Having this critical information at sales team’s disposal, your reps can plan their sales activities accordingly. Surely, the sales management will benefit as well, as they will have an insightful report on the productivity of each individual sales rep and a whole team overall. You will be able to track which sales strategies paid off and which areas need to be improved.

Document Flow Automation

Statistically, only 33% of salespeople’s time is dedicated to actual communication with the customers and active selling, while the rest is lost administrative tasks. At the same time, 71% of sales professionals reveal that they spend too much time on data entry. Luckily, cutting-edge sales automation systems like bpm’online automatically log all your interactions with prospects and leads. All of your email communications and phone calls are automatically tracked for you to spend more time closing deals and less time entering data. You can easily track various documents in the system. Moreover, you can specify their type and link them to the required opportunities or orders. Also, you can attach scans and copies of documents, create new ones using the preset templates and enrich them with information from the database.

Opportunity Management

Excellent sales automation software can enhance every aspect of the sales process – from prospecting stage to contracting, which will help your sales team to process larger volumes of customers without losing points in terms of performance. Each of your sales representatives can be equally effective as the software is armed with out-of-the-box best practice processes for corporate sales. The system is designed to utilize industry’s best practices for short and extended sales cycles, which significantly increases the sales rep’s chances to successfully close a deal. Intelligent sales automation software suggests the next best steps  that need to be accomplished in order to efficiently manage leads at each stage of the sales pipeline.

Overall, sales automation software enables your sales team to unlock a new level of productivity, which is extremely important considering the latest statistics: lost productivity and poorly managed leads cost companies at least $1 trillion annually. Obviously, you don’t want to let a single penny go to waste due to lost productivity. That is way the deployment of a suitable sales force automation system is highly advisable, as it lets you stay at the top of your game and consistently increase the profits of your company.

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