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The drilling top drive manufacturers consist of a liner which is hanged employing a hanger which transmits the load coming on it by a pulley mechanism. The liner is a casing in the form of a string that cannot extend back to the head of an oil well. This requires a hung from another casing string. Liners replace full casing strings to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency and hydraulic performance when there is a need to dig deeper into the well.

Liners and its requirements

However, running liners involves a lot of risks. Liner deployment is also a very challenging task and requires many problems concerning the wellbores. These wellbores have to withstand high-pressure differentials and substantial temperature changes. These high pressure and temperature conditions threaten the integrity of the tool. This reduces efficiency and hence increases the costs. Extreme situations require extreme solutions. These harsh environments require sturdy liner system solutions that can manage the liner to the full depth and also mitigate the risk simultaneously. For this purpose, drilling top drive manufacturers are provided which allows the liner, i.e., the casing below the liner hanger to lay suspended within the string and hence reduces the capital cost incurred. This system also requires a seal to prevent the transfer of fluid or pressure from both directions.

Drilling top drive manufacturers

A drilling top drive manufacturer is a system that is used to hang a liner in an oil production well. The coating, on the other hand, is similar to a casing, but it does not run to the entire depth of the well like the casing. These Drilling top drive manufacturers can be mechanical/hydraulic, rotating/nonrotating and conventional/expandable and pocket slip.

General Applications of drilling top drive manufacturers include usage in:

Drilling liners, Production liners, Tight tolerance liners, Extended reach liners, Open hole completions, Horizontal completions, Drill-in liners

Drilling top drive manufacturers assembly

The drilling top drive manufacturers assembly includes the following elements:

  •  Liner Hanger that supports the liner in the drilling top drive manufacturers
  • Drillable pack-off bushing
  • Liner top packer
  • The above components are kept within the well-bore.
  • These components consist of a liner running tool, that is rented to the customer as part of the liner installation service.

The running/setting tool

  • The liner is connected to the drill pipes using a setting tool.
  • This setting tool carries the liner into the well and ensures a risk-free release mechanism when there is any disconnection of the drill pipe.
  • The top of the running tool is provided with a screen to allow clean mud liner and equalize the pressure without the risk of accidentally destroying or plugging any ports on the inside.
  • A polished tool called Slick stinger is provided to seal the inside of the drillable pack-off bushing. This creates a pressure seal at the top of the liner during the setting process.
  • The running tool assembly is attached to a wiper plug at the end.

Types of a liner hanger in drilling top drive manufacturers:

  1. Hydraulic-Set Liner Hanger

The hydraulic-set liner hanger can handle even the heaviest of the liners in drilling top drive manufacturers. These use corrosion resistant alloys to prevent the occurrence of rust. The integral hydraulic cylinder has differential pressure across it due to which it strokes the slip to engage with the casing. The use of finite element analysis and efficient design can help in increasing its hanging capacity. The loads coming on the hanger are transmitted circumferentially into the slip seat and does not pull the mandrel as the liner weight is hung. This is done because if there are high load stresses on the mandrel, it could lead to a collapse of the hanger body. To eliminate future possibilities the stress hot spots in the casing are reduced, thus improving the overall efficiency of the drilling top drive manufacturers.

2: Hydraulic-Set Rotating Liner Hanger

As the name suggests, it is similar to the simple hydraulic liner hanger with a rotating bearing. This rotating liner hanger incorporates a tapered roller bearing assembly. This assembly allows the liner to rotate along with the hanger within the drilling top drive manufacturers. This rotating bearing also permits the liner to be rotated at a very high RPM than the hangers which use a conventional ball bearing system.

Setting mechanism

After dropping the ball, it gets seated in the landing collar. This system allows the pressuring up of the string casing to set up the liner hanger within the drilling top drive manufacturers. With the application of pressure at the surface, the hydraulic cylinder shears and starts to stroke the slip until they begin to touch the casing wall. Due to the slacking off of the weight, the hanger slips tend to transfer the load to the previous casing. This mechanism in the drilling top drive manufacturers allows the liner to take the hanging position from where to regain circulation we need the setting ball to be blown out utilizing increasing the pressure which shears the pins in the seat. This leads to a sudden drop in pressure which re-establishes the circulation which keeps the well-circulated until we obtain a steady pump pressure. Now we should release the setting tool. The drill pipe is far removed from its position and pulled up to release the running tool. This frees the liner weight which is now supported on the hanger. Slack off sufficient pressure to allow the further process of pack-off.

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