Prospecting New Hires for Your Business

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Managing customers and sales lead using emails, paper & pen, and spreadsheets are impossible for the majority of businesses. The same also goes for searching the right job candidates. Attracting candidates is the first step, just like in sales where businesses need to draw potential customers.

Recruitment CRM can help to hire professionals to build, manage, and improve their relationship with each candidate. Besides, their entire hiring and recruitment process management becomes easy.

The benefit of recruitment CRM

Use a recruitment CRM system to control each step of the hiring process right from the beginning till the end.

  • Build a strong and searchable talent pool.
  • Recognize, attract, engage, and improve the relationship with potential candidates.
  • Enhance communications between HR managers and candidates.
  • Better candidate experience
  • Manage every hiring element like job offer approvals, automate recruiting emails, and interview scheduling, as well as even screening & background checks.
  • Accurately evaluate your hiring performance.
  • It offers transparency across the whole recruitment team.

As you get an insight into what the potential top talented candidate is looking for, you can look for ways to engage and communicate with that candidate much better. 

What features to consider in quality recruitment CRM?

  • Automatic job postings
  • Employee referral program
  • Centralized database for candidates
  • Interview scheduling
  • Customizable features for career pages and software
  • Dashboards, analytics, & reports
  • Background checks & screening

Besides these basic features, you can look for other aspects suitable for your recruiting needs. Recruiting ways have also evolved. The biggest trend is to use Facebook to increase followers and find potential new talented candidates. 

Facebook recruiting is popular because of its size and possibility to reach a vast number of active candidates. Nonetheless, even passive candidates not seeking jobs can get attracted. 

Have the right software to identify top talents and hire them before your competitor does!

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