How the Right AV Equipment Could Improve the Success of Your Conference

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Holding a conference catering to hundreds of people is a considerable undertaking. Instead of being able to stand at the front of a room with nothing but a whiteboard, a well attended conference will require a considerable amount of audio visual equipment.

AV equipment is sometimes considered to be complicated subject matter so we have put together this handy guide to help you decide what you need when planning your conferences.

A Laptop or Desktop Computer

There is no getting around the fact that you will need some form of computer when presenting to a large audience. It is this computer that is going to hold all of the presentation material that you have and allow you to communicate it with your audience.

  • The right computer will be powerful enough for your needs. Most computers can play simple video and display presentation software but a more powerful computer may be required to showcase 3D drawings in real-time.
  • A laptop will be far more portable than a desktop and won’t require its own screen or multiple power supplies.

We suggest that you make sure you’re familiar with using the computer as different operating systems often behave differently.

A Large Screen or Monitor

It is this screen that will be connected to your computer and will display whatever you want your audience to see. For this reason, your screen is going to have to be large enough in size to make it visible in large rooms.

The largest screen you will be able to readily find on the market is around 65 inches so bear this in mind. Also remember that there are multiple ways to connect a computer to a monitor so do your research to ensure the best quality.

A Projector

A projector is great for when a monitor is just not big enough. A projector can also be connected to a computer but the benefit is that the image displayed will be much larger. This image can also be displayed onto whatever surface you feel is best.

Projection Screens

If you’re taking the route of a projector, you’re going to need a suitable projection screen for the best quality images. A large white wall will often work but is no match for a purpose built pull down screen.

A Microphone and PA System

This will often be one of the most important pieces of equipment because without them, you likely won’t be heard in a large venue. Both a microphone and suitable speakers will be required so it’s important to procure the best tools for the job.

Hiring or Buying AV Equipment?

The choices available to you are to either hire or buy your AV equipment. Both options will have their pros and cons but we often find that hiring is far more convenient. Conference AV rentals can be acquired from several different suppliers throughout Melbourne and Sydney. Most suppliers will even be able to provide you with qualified staff to assist you in the equipment’s use.

The difference between an average conference and a great one is the quality of AV equipment at your disposal so evaluate your needs and make sure you hire what’s right for you.

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