How Bad Parenting Habits Affect A Child And How To Avoid Them?

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One the hardest task in this modernand is to maintainconsistent and good way of parenting style. There are some instances of bad parenting that can have long lasting impression on your child’s personality. The problem is that most of the parents use their own upbringing as a blue print for parenting, which is highly not recommendedbecause the time and scenarios are changed now, things are more complicated these days and the problems are different now. You can’t follow your parent’s example for brought up of your child.

What is mean by bad parenting?

A consecutive series of actions that can be seriously harmful for your child’s psychology and demeanour. Bad parenting is not restricting to a particular action, it is the collection of set of actions that leave everlasting bas impressions on your child.

Althoughmost poor parenting style is not intended but still these reason will not reduce the harmful effects on your child’s personality. Bad parenting may be because of the unwillingness of the parents to better their parenting style or lack of interest in their children.

Bad parenting hit your child from many sides, makes him weak and complex child. As trend is changing, technology and lifestyles are changing, bringing your child up is not an easy task. With old mind set you can’t raise your child as a strong and independent child. This will leave very bad impact on your child’s personality.

Signs that you are doing wrong:

There isvarious action and reactions that could characterize you as a bad parent, here are few examples of bad parenting you should avoid at every cost.

Scolding your child excessively:

If your child does something wrong, like break something or created mess, and for this if you scold him again and again, exhaustively, this will have a very negative impact on your child’s personality, he will be loose his self-confidenceandstart feeling shame of his self. Moreover if he is sensitive he will feel like heart broken. An aggressive child, if he is scolded excessively by his parents he turned more aggressive and he can indulge onto some violence and hatred full activities.

Fix it:

Fix this problem with polite behaviour, if your child has done something wrong, its ok! He is a child and he can do something wrong, try to understand this and deal him with politeness. Explain him how to avoid this kind of mistakes in the future.

Discipline lecture:

You might lose your patience over some of the actions of your kid and start yelling at him. Giving him lectures about the discipline he must follow. This will hurt your kid’s ego and he will start feeling shame in front of every one. And he will also have brought negativity about you in his heart, this will result in disobedience and bad behaviour of your child with you.

Fix it:

You might loseyour temper but you are elder then him, if you start behaving like a child or even worse in front of others, then what’s the difference between you and 2 years child. Instead of starting your discipline class in front of everyone, show some patients and save your lectures for your home, you can teach him ethics more better at your home then in any crowdie place. Save his ego from being hurt.

Advice! Advice! Advice!

It is understood that because you are his parent, so you need to advise him in certain areas of life, advice is much needed by your child to differentiate between what is good and what is bad for him, but remember thataccess of everything is dangerous,if you just keep focusing on advices, from choosing his teeth brush to selecting bride for his life you lost the worth your advice hold for him.

Fix it:

Do advise him but only where he need. Do not open up your box of advice anytime, anywhere. Second thing is to encourage him in every little thing this will boost up his self confidence and self-esteem. If you advise himless, you advice will hold a worth in his life.

Cursing his phone:

If you curse his phone for every single action of his, stop doing this, you are changing his prospectus towards the technology, filling his mind with negativity for technology. He might think that my parents cursed this gadget allot so might be it is a wrong thing to have, it can only be used in bad deeds.

Fix it:

Instead of cursing technology, choose a wise method, make investment in spying app, what could be best than BlurSPY? Install hidden spy app  on your kid’s mobile and monitor his actions. Take steps then to course, feel the difference.


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