Here’s how you can download torrents safely without any fear

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We live in a world of easy, anonymous file sharing. Although this has had a very positive impact on the way information is propagated among the public, this has also increased the risks involved, especially when people don’t take enough precautions to download torrents safely. Since torrents is primarily a peer to peer file sharing mechanism, there are high chances of you downloading viruses and other malicious software. Here are a few ways you can secure your torrenting experience.

Use a VPN

This is one of the most common advices you can get when you want to download torrents safely by using cloudload. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which makes it seem like you are logging into the internet from a different part of the world by hiding your original IP address and replacing it with a different one. When using a VPN you will actually be accessing the net via a different server located elsewhere in the world, thus the increased level of security.


Seedboxes are extremely useful for serious torrenters, who need a high powered, secure server that is exclusively dedicated to torrenting. Here, a server is rented out to you, where you can install a bittorrent of your choice, which can be accessed via your browser. You can use this to download/ upload your torrents with ease. A seedbox automatically encrypts all the data that flows in and out of the network, thus hiding the data from your ISPs. An additional feature, apart from security when using a seedbox is that it offers high speeds, up to 1GB/s, which makes for quality torrenting experience.

Proxy servers

It is always recommended that you use paid proxy, as ensures safety and security. Proxies are usually free IP addresses, through which you are routed to the internet. Since this is essentially an unsecure channel, using only porxies as a means of anonymity is discouraged.  It is generally recommended that you use a proxy in tandem with a VPN or other means of hiding your identity online. Be aware that proxies reduce your net speeds, free proxy services especially can reduce your net speeds to deplorable levels and are usually not recommended for large file downloads off the internet.s

So, the next time you start torrenting files from the internet, make sure to take these precautions. These few extra steps will ensure that you download torrents safely without having to worry about getting hacked or getting infected with a malicious virus.

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