Here’s How To Use Movavi Video Converter To Change M4V To WAV

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There are way more audio file formats than what people imagine. While we are all used to MP3 and other streamlined formats, audio technicians know that the number of formats available now is simply huge. You might have come across files in M4A and not know what they are. This is a format that was practically created to be the MP4 equivalent to just audio. The problem is that M4A definitely did not gain the popularity of MP4 and a wide appeal.

If you find files in M4A format you quickly notice that it is hard to play the audio on the devices that you use. That is because support is not widely included in audio players or software. If you want to play the M4A audio file you need to convert it. A great option is to convert to WAV since the quality would end up being equally high. However, if you want to convert M4A to WAV, you need software to get this done. The one that is often recommended is Movavi Video Converter. People tend to dismiss it because it was mainly created to convert videos from one format to another but it is also really good when it comes to audio conversions.

How To Convert M4A To Wav With Movavi Video Converter

Because the software was designed with user-friendliness in mind, all the steps that have to be followed are really simple. You just need to import the M4A file into the software. Then, you need to choose WAV as the audio file format you export to. This is practically all that you have to do and then the software takes care of everything for you. You can convert numerous files in just one batch or take it one file at a time if there are different audio encoding features you want to take advantage of.


Movavi Video Converter can easily convert any M4A file into WAV or even MP3 if you want to. Keep in mind that the software is also capable of making  video conversions a breeze so you may want to take advantage of that in the future.

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