Get Financially Covered for Organ Transplant and Other Medical Expenses

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People today prepare well in advance to secure their future with a general insurance. Few people regard health insurance as a priority. This is because they take their health for granted. In life, everything is unpredictable. Be wise and secure all your medical expenses through a reliable insurance scheme so that you are not rattled off when you are already going through a medical calamity.

Things to Consider While Choosing A Good Insurance Plan

While most people tell you that it is vital to be covered for unexpected medical expenses, few tell you what to consider while selecting a medical insurance policy. Here we have listed out a few tips to assist you with the ordeal:

  • Look for comprehensive plans: The health schemes by different companies vary. Some plans cover major health issues while some cover only hospital bills. As you wish to secure your future health, look for policies that are comprehensive and encompass a wide range of medical expenses like maternity health, paediatric care and expenses for care of senior members.
  • Look for plans that encompass multiple members: When you wish to secure the health of your entire family, it is always wise to go for family healthcare policies. These are policies designed to cover expenses of different family members.
  • Look for health insurance plans by reputed insurance companies: It is vital that you check the reputation and authority of the company providing health insurance plans. There are many frauds happening these days and you need to be alert against the same. Go for only reputed insurance companies like Future Generali that has countless years of experience in the insurance industry.

Reasons Health Total Mediclaim By Future Generali is Your Best Option

Future Generali has come up with the Health Total Mediclaim Insurance for Family. The policy is ideal when you wish to cover your family through health insurance for unexpected expenses due to health. Here are some of the merits that make this the best policy for your family health:

  • It covers a vast range of medical expenses as listed below:
  1. Accident Hospitalisation
  2. Maternity Expenses
  3. Miscellaneous medical expenses
  • There are three different Health Total Mediclaim Plans based on your affordability:

Knowing that the affordability range of each individual could be different, Future Generali has come up with three different health plans. These are as listed below:

  1. Vital Plan
  2. Superior Plan
  3. Premiere Plan

The insurance buyer can choose between a 1-year plan or a three years plan.

  • Special benefits and discounts associated with certain plans as listed below:
  1. A person gets special benefits like emergency evacuation expenses, outpatient medical expenses, new-born baby expenses, etc for superior and premiere plans.
  2. Maximum up to 15 members can be included in a Superior Plan or Premiere Plan.

Taking this policy also helps you enjoy tax benefits and long-term discount on the premium paid. The instalment facility available with this policy makes payment of premium easy too. Select this medical insurance plan to secure the health of your family.

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