A Guide to Building a Terrace

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If you have a large area at the rear of your property and you would like to build a terrace, there are several ways to achieve this. You could use paving slabs, block paving, or opt for a concrete terrace, and the most important thing is access. If you have a garden fence, for example, local grab hire in Salisbury will ensure that the materials are delivered right where you need them.

  • Soil Removal – To provide a solid foundation, you will need to excavate 10-12 inches, and this will have to be removed, which is a good reason to hire a grab truck. You could use the soil if you wanted to create a spilt level feature, so bear this in mind, as there’s not much point in paying for something to be removed, only to find you could have used this in another area of the garden.
  • Creating the Foundation – The secret to a solid terrace is the ground preparation, and with at least 2 inches of hard core rolled into the ground, you have a solid base for the sand and cement. Irrespective of the materials you are going to use, the foundation needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of 50 people and all the furniture.
  • Slight Incline – From the house end, there should be a slight incline sloping away from the property, which will ensure there are no puddles, and the rainwater will flow off the edge of the terrace, away from the entrance to your home.

Other things to consider are drainage and shading, and with some careful planning and organisation, your new terrace will soon be finished and ready for the summer.

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