Designers and Jewelers Need to Avoid Branding Mistakes

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Brand is the core of your business, so needs to be considered seriously. Businesses spend plenty of money and time in getting their brand established. The harsh fact is that a small error can totally sabotage the most famous brand.

Branding helps you to form a positive perception. It is an emotion that customers feel associated with, when they think about your product. A strong brand builds a loyal customer base. It does not matter, if you are in jewelry business. Elements, which will create your brand, are diverse. They range from your business logo to the tagline.

It is wise to think about the long-term benefits than short term goals, so that you can build a strong jewelry brand. Designers and jewelry owners need to work together and avoid some common branding mistakes.

Reveal how you differ – Uniqueness

  • How are you different?
  • What does your brand represent?
  • What issues does your company solve?
  • How did you reach here?
  • Who do you customize jewelry for?

Even if you sell the most expensive pearl jewelries but a unique and passionate story can touch human emotions. They feel engaged at personal level and willingly pay high price.

Ignoring the importance of high-quality photographs

In jewelry, it is the visuals that make a lot of difference. The presented material must be displayed under proper lighting. Substandard photos can make a unique pearl necklace look dull and cheap. Professional images have consistent personality and feel, which can go viral of social Medias. Visuals are the trend, so invest in professional photography. It is an investment, which will be returned in the form of sales.

No presence on social media

Social media marketing has become obligatory to make your brand visible. You can talk directly with consumers and supporters. With helpful content, you can speak as a brand that cares for their customers.

Lack personal touch

Be authentic in sharing your personal story. Discuss about what inspired you to start jewelry designing or how you started the process and if you have inherited a store from your grandfather then discuss the history. People feel a part of your creation story. They like you first, so avoid chap tricks or flashy promotions where customers feel cheated.

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