What is the Best Berber Carpet Fiber?

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Berber cover fiber can vary in feel, surface, style, and costs. Picking the best fiber for Berber floor covering is a significant choice.

It is imperative to think about feel, surface, stain and wear obstruction and cost. We have given a rundown of regular fiber decisions for Berber cover so you can settle on an educated choice for you and your family.

Basic Berber Carpet Fibers


Fleece is by a wide margin the best material and likely the most costly alternative. Fleece filaments are totally common so they are non-dangerous and hypoallergenic.

Fleece is likewise exceptionally delicate which makes it the most agreeable fiber to the touch, to stroll on, or to lay on. Fleece has a characteristic capacity to oppose fluid retention which makes it very stain safe.

This Berber Carpet fiber is well on the way to keep its shape and hence doesn’t have squashing issues(this is the term for when high traffic zones of floor covering get pushed down after some time making them less appealing. See our blog on Berber Carpet Terminology).

Fleece simply has a rich vibe about it and that is intelligent in the sticker price which is the reason fleece Berber rug will, in general, be the most costly available, typically around $6-10 for every square foot.


Nylon Berber floor covering is the most promptly accessible sort of Berber. Likewise, to fleece Berber cover fiber, nylon is impervious to pounding from ordinary mileage of high traffic regions.

Nylon is likewise more averse to recolor on the grounds that it is regularly treated with stain repellent medicines.

Berber floor covering produced using nylon is an extraordinary harmony between strength, moderateness, and flexibility.

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