Boring Websites are Useless, and You Need to Change Them

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There is no point in launching a website if nothing is exciting on it for people to see. You will find everyone leaving the page as soon as they enter it. You made a lot of effort in creating the website to help boost the popularity of the company. You cannot afford to lose everyone you attracted to come and check it out. These signs will tell you that the page is boring, and you need to do something about it.

The page has no focal point

You need to set a goal before starting the web design, otherwise, you will end up with a site that has either too much or too little content. You need to begin de-cluttering the site if it has tons of unnecessary material. You also need to add more if you think it is not enough. The goal is to entice people to buy something from you or at least be familiar with what you have to offer.

There is no opportunity for interaction

The page needs to give people the chance to interact with you, or with one another. It is not enough to have a customer service representative who will answer phone calls. It is an outdated strategy that most people do not appreciate. They want an immediate response. Using live chats is a great example. Giving users some links to your social media pages where there could be further interactions would also be useful. It also helps if you provide users with the opportunity to vote, share, submit articles, leave comments and other things.

There is lots of text to read

You need to understand that users do not have the luxury of time to read everything that you put out. It is crucial for you to limit the text on every page. For instance, you can use bullet points to present concise information. You can also use infographics so that you are not losing any significant information, but still not taking precious hours away from the users. Dividing the site into different tabs would also help to make it easy for people to read the information.

You do not have calls to action

You cannot run a website without a call to action. It is entirely pointless since you are not asking people to take things a step further. You are also missing the opportunity to transform web users to actual customers. You need to be creative with how you present your call to action and get straight to the point. You can use icons and graphics to attract attention.

Your blog is yet to see updates

If you have a blog section, you need to update it frequently. You can even allow guest users to submit articles. The goal is to make the page alive. If people visit it and they see that there are new posts, they will feel enticed to stay. They will also think that you care about giving them the right information.

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