Applying BPM in banking

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Some banks understand business process management as just recording and storing their actions, and then sum them up in an annual report. This approach contradicts with the theory that an average storing the data produces no useful outcome. To use BPM in banking for 100%, the enterprise should analyze the data and use the resulting information, so it could put the qualitative objectives. Bpm’online provides a complete set of financial solutions that can ease the work of the bank greatly.

Their business management software works online via cloud services. It helps to control the organization that is spread across the country, as employees can access the necessary data remotely and every action is recorded, so the managers know what is everyone doing during the day. Of course, the organization must have a stable Internet connection. The interface of the application is a user-friendly and shows only what he or she needs at the moment.


Purchasing a ready solution is good for several reasons:

  • you don’t have to hire your own programmers
  • it is faster than building a BPM system for banking from a scratch
  • it is already tested by other banks, so there are no pitfalls
  • bpm’online is a trustworthy and acknowledged platform

From data gathering to knowledge

BPM software provides a database to store full customers’ profiles and operation steps, as well as a knowledge base, which can be used to manage every aspect of the work. The knowledge base has everything that an employee should know – guidelines, forms, manuals, scripts etc. The base works in a social media manner, so the users can share the info, comment, ask questions and even “like” the articles. Keywords and tags are used to make the search quicker. Articles can be sorted by relevance or popularity.

Managing the work with clients

A banking system can benefit from bpm’online CRM system greatly. The page’online_CRM states that it unites marketing, all the sales processes and the following customer services in one product. It enables for a much simplified data gathering on the clients and providing it fast to the employee who is working with him or her. It could be useful for making a quick decision whether to give that person a credit or for marketing campaigns.  For example, when a bank wants to make an offer of a new credit, simply spamming customers’ phones with SMS will only annoy them. Analyzing their data and understanding when is the best moment to offer a credit has much better chances of a positive answer.


To sum up, bpm’online has a convenient set of CRM and BPM tools for customer actions, financial product sales and marketing. You can learn more at The system has a library of processes and a wizard to ease and automate most of the key actions, from simple ones like approving a document to managing complex projects. The system is known to be one of the four most popular BPMs for banking nowadays.

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