Alternative to GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, and TeamViewer

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Google has always been the best to provide a wide range of services to its clients. Google developed the Google Hangouts for the critical purpose of communication by getting access to voice, texts and video chats. Google Hangouts is an app which is generated by Google. It acts as a communication channel for the people around the globe.  This app is useful but some cons are using this app, and that involves inconsistency, slow speed, and lack of independence. Google Hangouts lacks some features which are available in other alternatives. GoToMeeting was once considered to be one and the only channel for the people to enjoy video calling and now due to lack of some features and to crash of the app, people are not getting the desired services. Teamviewer was also once considered to be the best app and platform for getting connected with people worldwide, whether the connection is of private nature or business concern.

Following are some of the best Alternatives to Google Hangouts, TeamViewer, and GoToMeeting.

Google Hangout Alternatives


Messenger is a Google Hangouts app which is linked with Facebook. People using Facebook need to install this app for messaging and making video or voice calls. The features provided by this app are voice calls, texts message, and video calls. Messenger is free for people to access and it is an encrypted app.


ezTalks is the professional platform to have sound quality video conferencing. This tool works well on iPhone, iPad, and all the types of Android phones. Users could have the free as well as paid access to the app.

TeamViewer Alternatives

Ultra VNC

This software works on the Virtual Network computing and is primarily developed to use on the systems which are windows based. You can also use this platform to transfer files within almost no time by having a quick remote connection.


AnyDesk is the easy to use and no complex TeamViewer Alternative which is developed to work on remote desktops. After sharing the connection, you can start downloading the files. You can also share your desktop by entering the ID. You also have the option to accept or reject the request which you receive for connection sharing.

GoToMeeting Alternatives


ezTalk is one of the best platforms for video conferencing which provides you with the high-quality video calls to meet all your educational and business needs. The other apps and platforms for video conferencing are too costly, but ezTalk is an affordable and cheap channel to do video conferencing.


Speek is a simple to use and a highly useful tool to get connected to the people. This platform provides the best services to the users. This app doesn’t require any email or phone number for getting registered, and you need to have a link to operate Speek.

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