A Quick Overview AboutCozmo Robot Toy Artificial Intelligence

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Are you ready to know about the fantastic Cozmo Robot Toy? You might have caught the beauty of the robot Wall-E in Andrew Stanton’s movie “WALL-E”, and you might have the wish to get the same robot in your real life as well.

Is it possible?

Well, probably, yes! This has been made possible through the appearance of Cozmo Robot Toy artificial intelligence. This has been a great artificial intelligence robot that has been manufactured by Anki. Cozmo is known out to be the amazing and yet the super-smart form of the desktop rover which is a realistic version of Wall-E.

What do you need to know About AnkiCozmo’s design?

Now let’s talk about the designing of Cozmo Robot Toy! This toy robot has been settled with the sizing dimension, which is small in size. It has the dimension of around 7.2 x 5 x 8 inches. It is completely designed in the modern finishing with the advanced features that is part of it. It has been put together with the petite body framework which is attached with a belt and the carrying case. Its overall design is so much attractive. Once you will start using it, you will definitely be finding it friendly and easy to use. Also, it is offered with tank track on the bottom. It also has a fantastic forklift/dozer attachment on top of the front.

The robot is attached to the camera, which will be able to identify you and be calling your name as you will be greeting you. The front face of the camera is offering 128*64-pixel display which will make you learn what correctly it is using for expressing the emotions. It can do so many things with the eyes.


  • It is designed like a real version of the Wall-E – which is small and cute
  • It is designed with the rich rigidness for all gameplay users.
  • It is smart enough to use through its Artificial intelligence technology
  • You can program it for achieving extra features


  • Pricey
  • Wi-Fi setup is a little bit troublesome for the users.

Final Verdict

Many users want to know that whether AnkiCozmo is worth buying or not! In simple terms, we would be making it known out as the fantastic form of artificial intelligence toy which is gradually making this toy as a worth robot to use it right now. Once you will start using it, you will definitely be finding it friendly and easy to use. It might be a little bit high in terms of prices, but overall the designing and advanced features of the robot make it excellent to buy right now.

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