5 Tips to Make Your Office Your Own and Enhance Your Brand

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It can be really tough to find a great office when you’re a young company. You don’t have a lot of cash to spend. Your profit margins are tight. Yet, you’ve also got a small team with needs of its own. Your employees have to feel happy and comfortable or productivity levels will stall.

So, how do you secure an office which is flexible enough not to tie you into any restrictive contracts but still offers you plenty of autonomy and control? Well, there are a number of options, but unbranded, furnished serviced office space in Auckland is one of the best.

Keep reading to find out how you can take an unfurnished office in a serviced facility and turn it something cool and contemporary.

Make It Moveable

Over the last five years, the popularity of flexible, changeable office fit outs has soared. Industries are starting to recognise the value of having multiple working environments, as opposed to just personal desks or only collaborative spaces. Yet, it can be difficult for businesses to incorporate both in one office. That is unless they invest in moveable partitions and modular furniture. They are affordable, non-permanent, and can be switched up to create the office space that you really need, right here, right now.

Sharing is Caring

To add to this idea, it could be worth thinking about whether every member of your team needs a personal desk. Many companies are now mixing things up and allowing employees to work from home some of the time. So, it doesn’t always make sense to fill up valuable office space with unnecessary furniture. Less can mean more, particularly if you focus on creating fewer higher quality workspaces. Studies have shown that employees benefit from a varied range of working environments and opportunities.

Technology to Hand

You can’t make an office truly feel like your own unless you have everything that you need to ensure that it flies. This means reliable, high-speed internet, IT assistance close by, cleaning facilities which feel natural and non-disruptive, and a mailing address that keeps you connected. With a serviced office space, you can essential pick and choose the facilities which are most valuable to you and get rid of the stuff that you don’t need.

Say Hello to Nature

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to liven up a tired office space is with greenery. Employees love plants and flowers because they brighten the workspace and remind them that being at the office can feel satisfying and pleasant. Without their support, you can’t grow or run efficiently, so make sure that your décor and designs reflect your brand value.

Let the World Inside

If you’re interested in bringing your office design and brand values together, don’t be afraid to give outsiders a little peek into your world. The more you start to treat the workplace as an extension of your message, the more customers and clients will see it as part of the narrative which makes you unique. Share pictures of memorable office moments on Facebook. Upload videos, ask for opinions, and turn your office into a living, breathing part of your story.  

Why Great Office Design is Essential for Success

There are all kinds of reasons why investing in your workspace will bring rewards in the future. For one thing, this is where your employees spend most of their time. The environment should be motivating, energising, and enjoyable to spend time in. Try to show something of yourself in the office design; whether you’re eco-warriors, technological innovators, or big on collaboration and crowdsourcing ideas.   

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