Why You Should Use Promotional Merchandise to Promote Your Business

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Advertising is a very important concept in every business, new or existing. It is a quicker way of raising awareness about a business’s products and services to old and new customers. There are many forms of advertisements. Companies organise great fanfare events, place adverts in digital and print media or use customised promotional merchandise to promote their products and services.   Here are the numerous advantages of using promotional merchandise.

Increases return on investment 

Return on investment is better achieved when you are able to spend less money and still get repeated exposure, new customers and repeat purchases of your products. Compared to other forms of marketing, using promotional merchandise is less costly. However, it is unique as the impact is direct and you get immediate results.  Promotional items yield more Cost per Impression (CPI) when compared to other forms of advertisement. This is because these items are mostly passed along from one person to the other.  Most consumers give away items they are done with rather than throwing them away.

Increases brand awareness 

With increased competition from other similar businesses, using promotional items sells your brand to new customers. Most promotional items are very useful to the life of your customer. Customised promotional products such as water bottles, pens, umbrellas, and bags impact the customers greatly. Every time they get to use that item they are reminded of your brand and are more likely to come back for your services and products. This gives your business a better score over your competitors.

Improves customer loyalty 

Promotional merchandise increases advertising honesty. You are able to judge the first impression of your customers towards your products.  You get to see if they get the concept of your brand and also see their attitude towards it. In the long run, giveaway branded promotional merchandise makes your customers develop a passion for your brand.  Because these items are tangible and useful, the customer gets material satisfaction as they possess the items. A satisfied customer will not only remain loyal to your brand but is also more likely to recommend it to other potential customers.

Easy to establish a good relationship with customers 

Promotional gifts are flexible and thus, can be customised for different events and campaigns. This is an advantage to your business as you can use this flexibility to establish strong relationships with your customers. You can frequently organise giveaway competitions online on your social media platforms. This creates an engaging environment and helps retain your customers. It also improves your online network scope.

Generate increased sales 

All these benefits mentioned above ultimately lead to more sales of your products and services. Promotional items instigate both new and repeat purchases more effectively than print and digital media.

It is important to fully understand the concept of advertising using promotional items so as to correctly incorporate them into your business plan. You can be sure of impressive results and a totally new business experience after you launch your customised promotional merchandise advertising campaign.

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