Which is the best type of mattress?

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best mattress brands in India.

The choice of mattresses in our country is represented by a significant number of manufacturers who offer the buyer a wide variety of models. But, perhaps, the most famous company in the Indian market may be the manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses. Bed mattresses come in many forms. To help you with your choice, we have prepared links to the most popular categories, sorted by type. You can choose a mattress in shape, size, stiffness, filler and other parameters. Basically we see that there are mostly two types of mattresses are available in the market foam mattress and spring mattress.

Which mattress is better, spring or foam?

Recently, the scientific term polyurethane foam, abbreviated as PU, can often be heard. And many even mistakenly believe that polyurethane foam is better than foam. But PU this is foam rubber. Foam rubber, like many other things, can be of different quality and is divided into best mattress brands in India. The main defining properties of foam are density and stiffness. It depends on these properties how long the foam rubber will last and in what areas and for what purposes the use of foam rubber with certain characteristics is justified.

Foam rubber, or PU in short, is widely used in the manufacture of mattresses, both spring and springless. In PU spring mattresses, they are used as a soft filler on top of the spring block. In springless mattresses PU is used as the main filler, where this same PU performs both the role of springs and the role of soft filler.

Which one is worth to buy?

There are two opinions. The first says that a spring mattress is better than a foam one. The second says that a foam mattress is better than a spring mattress. Opinions contradict each other, but if you slightly change the wording, it turns out that this is just one opinion. A quality spring mattress is better than a poor-quality foam mattress, and vice versa, a high-quality foam mattress is better than a poor-quality spring mattress. It is unlikely that anyone doubts that quality is better than substandard.

In a spring mattress, not only the presence and quality of the springs is important, but the quality and thickness of the soft filler is just as important. In a springless mattress, the properties and quality of the main filler are important. It turns out that the quality of spring mattresses also depends on the quality of the soft filler, as well as the quality of foam mattresses, depends on the quality of foam rubber. The use of high-quality foam in both cases will make the mattresses high-quality and also exactly the opposite.

A suitable alternative to foam rubber can be latex. In its structure, latex resembles foam rubber, but latex can only be compared with very high-quality foam rubber. Whatever the mattress you choose, first of all it must be of high quality. A spring mattress or foam rubber is not a sign of a high-quality or low-quality mattress, but only an indicator of its design features.

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