What Is So Unique About Dekton

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The name might indicate a futuristic engineering wonder, but Dekton worktops actually are firmly rooted in natural quartz. It can be thought of as quartz that has superpowers! Sinterized particle technology is involved in its manufacturing process. The process basically compacts the stone at a much greater extent than the natural environment does. So beginning with a natural starting point results in a product that is practically impossible to destroy.

Additional Possibilities of Dekton

Worktops that are made out of Dekton materials may be customised in order to fit whatever your specifications are. This technology-enhanced material is made from larger slabs compared to naturally cut and mined stones like marble or granite. It is excellent for bigger kitchen islands. These surfaces may be sleeker and thinner compared to natural stones, and that provides an ultra-modern appearance. Designs that need to have a seam when natural stone slabs are used might discover that an entire counter top may be installed without having any visible seams. A flawless appearance is very appealing to many people. “Fitting the product is also easier than natural stone, due to the fact that these slabs are lighter in weight,” says a manager at a luxury bathroom showroom, Stone and Chrome.

Take it Outside

Dekton surfaces having resin bonding and are compressed to a much greater extent compared to the metamorphic natural process. That provides the benefit of being to make this material very UV resistant. Therefore, if you are wanting to create an incredible outdoor barbecue area or kitchen, it is probably a great stone to use. These surfaces can sustain the sub-zero and torrential conditions of Great Britain winters and emerge ready serve during the Great Britain summer. No maintenance is necessary!

Highly Durable

Dekton is very strong. It can be used as a chopping board to keep your knives protected. The surface may be prepared with a polished or matte finish. Both of them feature the same intense compressed process which gives the material its strength. For busy kitchens that are constantly under pressure from the entire family, you won’t ever have to dread the accident impacts that can occur as part of family life ever again.

Everything Proof

Dekton’s production process helps to minimise the material’s porosity. Due to its extreme compactness, the surface does not carry any absorbent properties. That means that household liquids and chemicals, water, and heat do not stain the surface. For bathrooms that are trying to maintain both a relaxing atmosphere and hygiene, Dekton makes a great choice. The minimum porosity means that no water is able to penetrate into the surface. There is a reduce needs for using abrasive cleaners, and that means that the bathroom can be a place that is dedicated to relaxation instead of cleaning.

No Maintenance Required

Whenever customers are considering stone to use with their worktop surface, we realise that one of their highest priorities is durability. However, even marble and granite with their naturally hardy surfaces will have to be sealed when they are installed. Over the long run, natural stone benefits from being resealed in order to restore their vibrancy. However, with Dekton it isn’t necessary to refinish or resurface it!


Dekton, like quartz, is available in a broad range of grains and hues. The appearance of the material provides the same uniformity that quartz does and increased vibrancy and clarity over the long run. Since it is manufactured, you can be sure of the design that you receive when the product is installed. That gives your kitchen design a consistency for both small and large spaces. It is also a lot easier to make cutting-edge designs that feature slabs with contrasting tones areas like the kitchen island, splash back, and worktop. The uniform appearance gives more creative power to interior designers over this kind of stone.


Superpowers, of course, have a price tag attached to them! However, it is compared to other types of stone surfaces. And the cost is definitely worth it when you consider it is a one-time lifetime purchase that can sustain its function and attractiveness indefinitely.

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