Understanding Motor Cortex Functions

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We do various activities in our day to day lives. Some of them are done with our conscious efforts while other activities we carry out with our subconscious mind. For example, when we go to make tea in the kitchen our mind automatically knows that where are the ingredients kept in the kitchen and we move our hands in that direction. Walking, standing, sitting, jogging, cycling, etc are a few examples of motor cortex function that we perform every now and then.

Let us try to understand motor cortex functions in a better way through this article.

Motor Cortex of the Brain:

The structure of the brain that controls our movements is known as the motor cortex. Amongst the various movements that are made in our bodies, the movements are nominated as voluntary and involuntary.

Those movements that involve our conscious thinking are termed as voluntary movements. Such as getting up from the table and moving towards the bathroom etc.

At the same time, such movements that do not involve the conscious thinking of the mind are known as involuntary movements. Some of these movements are called breathing, heart beats, etc.

Having understood the types of movements, we must know that the primary motor cortex movements are comprised of voluntary movements. The motor cortex is said to be composed of 3 parts mainly- the pre-motor cortex, the supplementary motor area, and the primary motor cortex.

The sensory movement and the control of the movements are undertaken by the pre-motor cortex.

The planning of the movements and the coordination between our bilateral moves is monitored by the supplementary motor area.

The information is sent by primary motor cortex through the spinal cord to move various parts of the body.

What will happen if the Motor Cortex will get damaged?

If the motor cortex gets damaged it leads to the situation of paralysis. As is widely known, that paralysis can affect the body in a severe way. It can sometimes affect one or both parts of the body.

Even if one blood vessel gets burst it can affect the complete leg leading to paralysis. Paralysis is a situation in which a particular part of the body gets completely jeopardized. It can lead to distortion of that particular part of the body or can lead to the inability of the movements of the body.

It is said that the first issue can lead to helplessness in situations like walking movement while the second tissue will damage the communication of the expressions of the face. This will be a sign of weakened cortex movements.

There are other consequences of motor cortex damage such as speech inability, improper coordination, late responses etc.

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