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Within each free zone there are two types of entities: external and internal / free zone.

In the case of internal type / free zone there are generally:

Free Zone Companies “FZ CO”

Branches of foreign companies or companies located in other free zones

Free Zone Authorities “FZE” (individual body with unlimited liability / one shareholder)

Costs vary from one free zone to another, and the lowest price is in the RAK free zone.

Offshore Companies (Limited Companies)

Note that only some free zones have the option of offshore companies.

RAK Offshore (RAK Offshore), located in Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone (40 miles from Dubai), is regulated by the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (“RAKIA”), which regulates accredited corporate service providers such as our company. It does not require any details about the real / confidential owners. This system is better, cheaper, and more flexible for offshore companies.

Jebel Ali Foreign Company is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai and its regulator is the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (“JAFZA”). Provide details and bank details of the beneficiaries to the said authority.

The famous structure of free zone companies

The very famous structure is to start an offshore company first (for example in RAK) and then use that company as a holding company for an internal company in any free zone of your choice. The result is: confidentiality in addition to an investor visa for 3 years in addition to tax status as a resident of an internal company with the use of tax agreements and the issuance of a certificate of residence tax.

The cost and expenses of this training start at US $ 31,000 (EUR: 23,000) for the first year and US $ 17,000 (EUR: 12,500) for the following years.

Advantages of the Free Zone Company compared to the external company

The right to obtain an investor visa for 3 years for each investor (and his relatives)

Tax status as an internal resident, using tax agreements and issuing a tax residence certificate

A very useful business and economic basis in tax planning: a physical presence (with headquarters, staff and equipment – allowing the so-called ‘Flexi office’ or a flexible office with a virtual office for a lower annual cost – approximately € 1,000 per year) in an organized market / free zone with a local presence Among other active companies. It also provides the added business foundation if you choose free zones that are specialized in our business (such as a media company operating in the Media City free zone, where hundreds of companies are established and operating in this sector). This is certainly better than a postal address for an empty apartment in Malta or Cyprus.

This option is also ideal if the customer wants to move outside the EU and settle in Dubai without paying taxes (non-EU tax assessor = the best and most effective tax planning currently).

Why Prefer RAK Offshore and Free Zone Companies?

(Note: We are accredited and have authority to establish structures in all systems / free zones)

The system of these offshore companies is the best in the UAE, allowing full confidentiality (100% confidentiality with no disclosure of basic use of power to the authorities) and minimal restrictions / rules with maximum flexibility since Ras Al Khaimah is a developing and resource-poor emirate that wants to support growth. It has – therefore the costs of setting up an offshore company are the lowest, fastest / simplest in terms of procedures.

The annual cost of establishing and operating free zone companies is the lowest in the UAE as a whole.

Note that in some cases we choose to establish in another free zone for commercial reasons usually, such as having a special free zone that fits perfectly with the type of client’s activities. For example, hedge funds in the DIFC, gold traders at the DMCC, etc.

Can FBS establish offshore companies in the UAE and all types of companies in all free zones?

Yes you can have experience and all regulatory licenses required with COMPANY REGISTRATION IN DUBAI


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