The Evolution of Furniture In India

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Furniture In India

The concept of furniture developed thousands of years ago and since then has become an inseparable part of our daily lifestyle. It has also been used for religious purposes over time thus, it holds a lot of significance. Different materials have been put to use to serve as furniture ever since: like stones, metals, moss, etc. Safety and comfort came into the picture much later.

Ancient furniture mainly focused on the artwork and the sizes were usually huge. This was because good furniture was generally linked to the prosperous and their homes were quite spacious and could easily accumulate such structures. The underprivileged masses also owned furniture but, generally never bought new pieces for themselves. Furniture has also held an important role in depicting the culture and traditions of a country.

Later, the manufacturing concept changed, and the focus shifted towards consumer satisfaction. Now, products were being made for all segments of society. Designer furniture was also introduced in the market to cope up with the foreign market. As the population size increased, the size of homes started to decrease. This led to the demand for furniture that was good to look at and could also fit into the size of homes.

The designs of the furniture evolved with the emergence of different marketing concepts. In the beginning, people had to select from whatever was available to them. Afterward, manufacturers started studying the preferences of consumers and made furniture according to the research done. In recent times, customization has also been made available in almost every furniture store. In the department of designer furniture, India has managed to carve out a niche for itself.

Comfort has come up as the most valued element in the seating arrangements. One reason behind this could be the rise in the number of health issues. In the case of individuals with back pain, it is strictly recommended by specialists to use the most appropriate furniture, that is comfortable for the patient. The material used also contributes towards the comfort level of the furniture, which comprises of, the wood used, the fabric, and tissue, etc.

Whenever we talk about furniture, safety holds a lot of importance if modern furniture is being taken into account. It has been noticed over time that the right piece needs to go into the right place to avoid any damage in the future. The damage may be caused to the health of the individual or, the neighbouring furniture may also get damaged due to it. The quality of the product is also taken into consideration before the purchase is made. Generally, whenever we talk about furniture, the most common material that comes into our mind is the wood used. Hence, the quality of the wood used is very important for furniture.

In the end, the furniture we put into our workplace, or home becomes a part of our lives. Thus, it is important to buy a good product that complements the place it is put into.

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