How Challenging is it Going to be For Businesses After the Circuit Breaker

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The circuit breaker is going to end on three phases starting on June 2. In stage 1, only businesses with limited risk of physical contact are going to run.

Well, if the situations are favourable, the second phase of the circuit breaker is going to start at least 28 days after that.

For businesses, one thing we can say for sure is that it is not going to be very straightforward to resume their operations. At the least, they will need to start focusing more on their employee’s health, and some may even have to change the way they primarily operate. For example, during phase 1, for food businesses, only takeaways and home delivery services are allowed.

Budget Assistance

If you still haven’t read the Singapore Budget 2020 summary, there are a lot of schemes for individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19. Things such as tax rebates, waiver in the tenant fees, financing assistance, etc. have been declared through the Unity, Resilience, and Solidarity budget speeches.

Companies will need to take Safety Measures

In addition to following the phases of lifting the lockdown, companies will need to follow safety guidelines for the well-being of their employees.

The MOM and MOH have issued a guide for business operations in Singapore. If a firm doesn’t follow the rules, they will need to answer to MOM and MOH’s actions.

One of the requirements is to hire a Safety Management Officer who oversees all the safety and hygiene aspects inside the office. They will make sure that the company follows all the safety measures issued by the government and at the same time, keep relevant health and hygiene records.

Every employee must wear a mask. They should maintain physical distance. Also, companies need to hold virtual meetings here possible and avoid cross deploying employees.

Workers who can work from home should be able to continue doing so, and the SafeEntry Management system should also be installed in every office.

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