The Advantages of Tipper Hire for Your Next Project

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One of the most popular hire options in Northamptonshire is tipper hire. Tippers are extremely versatile vehicles that can be used for a wide range of domestic and commercial projects. From moves to home garden or improvement projects and even highway maintenance, tippers offer a diverse range of functions.

What Is a Tipper?

A tipper is an HGV vehicle that has been fitted with a tipper body with either a rear or side dropping function. Tippers are incredibly useful when it comes to heavy cargo as the built-in tipper feature enables ease of emptying without requiring additional manpower. Some tippers even come with features such as tarmac chutes to enable the transportation of tarmac for maintenance and construction projects.

The major benefit of tipper lorries is the way that they function. Popular for their tilting motion and hydraulic lift, the tipper can unload its container’s contents to a targeted area without the need of human help. They offer agile manoeuvrability and precise unloading without compromising on their weight capacity.

Tipper Options

When it comes to delivering aggregates or clearing away waste material from a construction site, careful consideration should be made of the weight and volume of the materials that need to be transported.

Tipper lorries for hire are available in a variety of vehicle sizes ranging from 26 tonnes to 21 tonnes, 18 tonnes, and 7.5 tonnes down to 3.5 tonnes. The variety of available sizes means that you can find something to fit any and every type of project. Some professional tipper and truck hire in Northamptonshire can even collect and deliver your tipper directly to your location in order to make the process easier.


Choosing a tipper for hire is a cost-beneficial way of transporting material between two sites. Some companies will even offer the delivery and collection of aggregates. This provides a far more efficient alternative to hiring extra people for the job.


Not only do tipper lorries provide you with a practical solution for clearing waste from sites and moving materials but they can also work to promote a professional business image. Regular use of a personal tipper truck can quickly cause it to become worn-out looking and damaged. Tipper trucks allow businesses to trade in their heavily used work vehicles for modern new models when their lease is up. In turn, the company’s investment into first-class machinery demonstrates to their clients their high working standards as well as their commitment to customer service.

If you’ve been thinking about a tipper hire for your next home or business project, don’t hesitate! Contact your local tipper hire today to find out more about how a tipper can benefit you.

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