Remaining FDA-Compliant with Salesforce for Healthcare

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When it comes to businesses in the life sciences, pharmaceuticals and healthcare fields, any software and platforms used must be compliant with the various requirements put in place by the FDA. This compliance ensures that any data generated is considered authentic. Most businesses in this industry prefer to work with Salesforce because it is compliant with the various FDA regulations.

With plenty of experience in customer relationship management platforms, Salesforce has one specifically for patient data collected by their healthcare providers. The goal of this platform is to assist the various healthcare providers in managing the relationships they have with their clients. With the main goal of this platform being to help providers make patient care decisions that are much smarter, this platform is bound to take these relationships several notches higher.

Securing Data

Regardless of the business you are in, data collected from your clients is very sensitive, even more so when it comes to healthcare. This is why the information in your database must be protected to ensure that any information that needs to be distributed is done so in the proper manner and that the information is safely stored. Such shared data should be protected from uncontrolled distribution to avoid improper use of the same.

When it comes to such sensitive data, it is of utmost importance that you deal with a platform that meets FDA regulations. In order to gain access to this platform, you will need Salesforce healthcare validation, which can easily be done. With the validation, you will be able to control sensitive information within your database.

Features to Enjoy

There are several security features to be enjoyed when using the Salesforce software with FDA compliance as follows:

  • Data protection – Password policies used by this software are very strict, which means that there is no room for discretion. The authentication process requires two factors, which is an additional security layer.
  • Inability to circumvent – Circumventing the system is impossible because it has no bias. The entire system has a very high trust level.
  • Transparency – This is important because it allows for all people to see what any user is doing or accessing on the system. All activities are open to the viewing of all.

FDA Compliant

The FDA has put in place specific regulations to govern the healthcare industry. Every requirement that has been put forward by the FDA has been met by the Salesforce platform. This particular system has taken into consider all the requirements put forward in the 21 CFR part 11. This is a set of regulations set forth by the FDA used to govern how computers are used in an environment that is regulated.

It is important to ensure that you validate the system and Salesforce is open for validation. Only people who are serious about compliance will go with Salesforce, mainly because they can be sure that the software will make sure that they are compliant with the FDA. With all the sensitive information that the healthcare industry has custody of, making sure it is not misused is a priority and should be treated as such.

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