Key Parameters Of Selecting The Best Estate Agents In Gravesend

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Your property is likely to be the most valuable asset you own or plan to acquire. So, it becomes an imperative task to search for the estate agents in Gravesend to sell or buy a property. As you may be aware, the top 10 percent of the real estate agents in the market are responsible for 90 percent of the successful business. So, your aim should be to deal with this bracket of agents in the market.

The main issue you may encounter while embarking on a search for real estate agents is that everybody will advertise as being “best in the business”. Your task will be mainly to gather evidence or hard facts from them to support the claim. Buying and selling a property is most likely the highest monetary transaction you will enter into in your lifetime. Hence it is crucial to be rest assured that the agent is reliable and trustworthy. The parameters mentioned below will guide you towards finding a qualified and sincere estate agent.

Be Sure About the Facts Provided

As stated above, the agents will support their claims by providing facts. You need to verify these facts to the best of your ability. One way to approach it would be to enquire about the contact details of their past successful deals. Another effective method may be to verify the claims through an autonomous authority.

Test Their Knowledge

After you are satisfied with the estate agent in Gravesend portfolio, you need to check the depth of market knowledge of the agent. If an estate agents in Gravesend provides information that you can acquire easily too, then you should doubt the quality of his information. An agent worth its salt will have insider’s information about the market, and his list of clients will not appear on any public listings. He should be aware of the current situation of the local market and up to date with the existing industry trends.

Why are they ‘Different’ from Other Agents?

A real estate agent is naturally competitive, so asking what sets them apart from other agents will launch them into a practiced sales pitch. The points you should note while hearing them out are the specific and substantial details. You should be able to glean their strong suits from this discourse. He might be good at selling homes to people of particular income brackets or this way of closing a deal is unique. The point here is to feel confidence in the abilities and skills of the agent.

Do Proper Groundwork

The next logical step would be to get right down to the actual selling process. Request instances from the estate agents in Gravesend of similar properties he had sold previously. You need to be sure that he has the wherewithal of selling your property. Also, inquire in detail about the marketing tools your agent uses. A top-ranked agent will use online media extensively along with conventional means. Also, look for independent recommendations about the agent for extra surety and confidence.

All the above parameters will guide you towards finding the right estate agent for the settlement of your property deal of a lifetime.


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