How To Save Money On Custom Made Trade Labels

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Custom labels are an exciting way to promote your business. However, to make sure that you incur the maximum profit from such labels, you also need to consider the cost of making them. Sometimes, custom labels can prove to be costly for you. However, if you want to reduce custom labels’ costs, you can follow the following methods.

Opt for blanket orders

Blanket orders are those kinds of orders where you can come to an agreement with the manufacturer about the total cost of the order. Such orders are generally placed for the long term; that means you will continue to give such orders for an extended time, and the manufacturer will provide you with the trade labels at a subsidized cost. You will also need to mention the period for which you are going to deal with the manufacturer. Your terms and conditions can also be based on the number of orders. If you are satisfied with the quality of services, you will do more business with them since you get the service at a subsidized rate.

Reduce the size of your labels

If you want to convey a message about your company on your customized label, try to do it in a compact manner. Do not leave too much empty space. Try to ensure that your company logo and/or message is visible. Otherwise, reduce the size of your custom label. Reducing the size of the trade label will reduce the cost considerably, taking into account the bulk order you are going to place.

Print your labels on foil material

Hot or cold foil stamping might seem to be pleasing to you aesthetically. However, you can reduce the cost by printing your custom labels on foil material. Additionally, printing on foil material does not involve much labor, which increases the production of such labels.

Increase the order size

Many manufacturing companies have different rates for custom labels depending on the order size. If the order size is small, the companies have higher rates per label. However, the cost per label decreases when the order size increases. Therefore, if you want to decrease the cost of your custom made labels, place an order of a bigger size.

Custom-made trade labels are an effective means of advertising your business. If you want to place an order for such custom labels, get it done at a cheaper rate by following the points mentioned above.

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