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The world is advancing by leaps and bounds with every passing second, and coupled with technology, the number of risks associated with business and finance also become more advanced. So much so, that almost every year, the threat towards IT security becomes worse progressively. Even the best nations with regards to connectivity, communication and the highest standards of safety and security face vulnerabilities in the cybersphere.

As per the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a subsidiary of the Internet Society, the number of cyberattacks across the globe almost doubled in 2017. It is an organization that promotes the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet.

The shipping giant Maersk, the ride-sharing company Uber and even Equifax, the credit-rating organization were equally impacted by the rising number of cyberattacks. These are some of the larger companies, but it is not that only larger businesses were the ones that were adversely affected. Vulnerabilities impacted organizations of all sizes, in almost every industry on earth. Statistics have shown that larger businesses were the ones more prone to attacks.

The first step towards securing your IT infrastructure begins with awareness. As per an article on, almost 98% of cyberattacks can be avoided through simple steps. But that also needs to be done in a proper coordinated manner, else it can cause more harm than good. Being cyber aware involves simple, through meticulous practices.

Often people do not consider the importance of a good password. That is the first step to securing any IT environment. The system or organization is only as strong as the weakest link. Any possible access from any point increases the vulnerability of the whole network. A simple password is easy to remember, but it is also easy to guess. Writing down a password just makes it more probable for you to forget the password time and again and exposes the vulnerability to others.

A good password can include a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. To make it easy to remember, think up your unique four or five-digit numerical code to be put in between. For example, if your name is John and there is a Starbuck near you, you could make a password something like this – [email protected] If you read the password carefully, you can see your personalization in that. It is a long password, hard to guess and difficult to brute force. What is better than the combination, choice of word and numbers is entirely up to you.

The password is the first and easiest loophole to address. But what about connectivity through wires, encryption standards and hardware constraints? For those, you need a company that deals specifically in cybersecurity and knows how to address vulnerabilities on an organizational scale. Upon dealing with cybersecurity, a specialist can detail out the entire list of necessary things to be done in the business. Along with that, they will also conduct periodic checks of the network to ensure your business stays safe from any external attacks. For more information, please visit Domain Digital’s website and connect with us.

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